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The 10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

Are you a business owner having a website to showcase a wide array of products or services to lure your customers in? If yes, first things first, your website needs a robust goal! The best course of action you must take is to work on your business website to boost conversion rates.

Since having a top-notch conversion rate is the cornerstone of high sales volume, considering constant improvement of your site is crucial. Shooting conversion rates up can result in maximum ROI. But it’s a continuous process needing you to optimize your marketing strategies and website thoroughly.

Are you one of those business owners grappling with obtaining your coveted website conversion rate? If so, you must build a leading strategy which targets the most potential leads. But understanding where to commence is the most significant challenge!

Your dilemma is foreseen, so this article included the top 10 most efficient methods to increase your conversion rate. Let’s get started!

  1. Interpret your website’s goals

Prior to commencing your optimization of conversion rate journey, it’s crucial to establish your website objectives to estimate conversions and optimization rate. Defining your site’s goals will help your visitors know what goals they can take on your website to generate specific worth for your business.

Once the goals have been created, you should evaluate your visitor’s behaviour against these interpreted objectives. The most specific conversion goals that you could set for different web pages are the following:

  • Number of page visits
  • Click on the links
  • Number of forms submits
  • Clicks on elements
  • Tailored conversions

You may generate goals according to your innovative needs and by identifying visitors’ behaviour to direct website optimization. This is how you can target boosted conversions.

  • Install SSL on your website

Due to the surge in cybersecurity crimes and breaches, safety is on everyone’s mind. You can facilitate your visitor’s search by installing SSL on your site. All you need to do is choose a certificate, for example, a single domain or Wildcard SSL Certificate like RapidSSL wildcard SSL, Thawte Wildcard SSL, Comodo Positive SSL, etc. submit a Certificate Signing Request, and install it.

It has been surveyed that 44% of Canadians could not continue scrolling a website or buying anything from a retailer that goes through a cyberattack. Hence, protecting your online business with SSL is essential to Increase your Conversion Rate

  • Incorporate reviews, testimonials, and logos

Ask yourself if you want to be the first customer to use a service or a product. You may not like that! Therefore, as a business owner, you can ease your customer’s minds by adding testimonials and reviews from their previous customers.

Besides adding testimonials or reviews, you may also consider inserting a series of logos for homepages, which quickly boost trust with the new visitors. Customers often look for social proof before buying a product or service.

If you have several positive testimonials on your website, be ready to get a 400% improvement in conversion rate. Don’t forget to add reviews, logos, and testimonials on every critical page.

  • Build an attractive user experience

Customers would like to purchase from those sites, which they find hassle-free to navigate and use. Hence, building a top-notch user experience is vital to increasing website conversion. Concentrate on making your website as compelling and user-friendly as possible.

In order to create an improved UX, consider your website’s loading time, design, and visuals. The loading time must be fast, the design should be simple, and the visuals must be attractive, which will help communicate your offering’s value proposition to your customers. By executing these actions, you may keep website visitors interested and entice them to learn more about it, ultimately resulting in more conversions.

  • Establish a sales funnel

A strategy that shatters your conversions is when you ask for signup or sales too frequently or quickly. The potential customers might be scrolling through your website and may not be ready to purchase from you now. They need more time before committing to your product if it’s too complicated or pricey.

The best way to increase your conversion rate is by giving a free trial or a demo rather than asking to buy something or a signup. But in several instances, you might need to slow down and create a sales funnel to boost trust, create relationships, and show your worth and expertise.

  • Experiment with several strategies for lead conversions

Testing is one of the most crucial strategies for knowing what works perfectly for your target audience and boosting conversion rates. You may use A/B testing, such as a split testing strategy wherein two leading versions are investigated against one another to find out which one works better.

This technique helps compare the performance of distinct versions of marketing campaigns and websites. Customers and buyers often demand localized content to boost engagement with the seller. Hence, you may consider operating localized A/B tests to check which regions generate the maximum conversions.

  • Conduct competitor assessment

In order to have a strict competitive benefit over your opponents, you must know their strengths and weaknesses. You may use that knowledge to emphasize your USPs and attributes over your rivals. Moreover, remember that people research different options before buying anything from a business.

They will analyze your competitors first, and by conducting competitor assessment, you will put yourself into the customer’s shoes. This is how you can concentrate more on your endeavours to ensure yours is the optimum size and product range they will find.

  • Improve layouts of the vital pages

In case you’re unable to boost your conversion rates despite constant endeavours, it’s a positive sign that you must include a significant change in your web page. You may try modifying the design or layout in terms of insights from visitor data and seamless practices to check if the conversions get affected.

The leading principles of high-converting page outlines revolve around a material body and case study that exhibits how people utilize websites. The primary tools, including scroll maps, eye tracking, click maps, and mouse tracking, can provide insights into how website visitors navigate your site. You may apply all these to build a page visitors would love to respond positively.

  • Provide a cashback guarantee

Customers don’t like to indulge in risks. They never want to put their cash at risk unless they know what they will get. Cashback assurance aids in alleviating fears and moves past disapproval. In case you’re bothered about losing your sales due to returns, you shouldn’t be! These money-back guarantees aren’t a quick way to boost your conversion rate. Those must also boost trust and help customers feel more stable and safe. 

  1. Compute CRO, aka Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization helps enhance the % of visitors who take an intended action, for example, signing up for an email list, making a purchase, or filling out a form. Computing CRO is essential to know how successful your website marketing undertakings are. By assessing this data, you may find the improvement locations and ensure your website and marketing campaigns are conducive to getting the intended outcomes.


There is a correlation between marketing ROI and conversion rates. The greater the influence that current traffic has on your top line, the higher the number of visitors you attract. You can start by implementing the above-mentioned strategies to increase your conversion rates.

However, considering that some of these are probably more inclined to produce favourable outcomes for your company than others. Setting goals, gathering information, and conducting ongoing independent testing to determine what appeals to your intended audience are crucial.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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