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The Brief and Only Healthcare Marketing Guide You’ll Ever Need

The healthcare industry is enormous and competitive. In fact, healthcare spending is expected to surpass $10 trillion by 2022.

Medical practices are trying to gain new patients in an uber-competitive environment. The medical industry is growing more like corporate America. Large, efficient medical companies are spreading their reach and taking new patients with their brand recognition.

The only way to remain competitive is by optimizing your marketing strategy. This is the best way to gain new patients and retain existing ones.

Read on for a comprehensive guide to healthcare marketing. Explore how the best medical practices use marketing to increase revenue.

Digital Marketing

In the past, patients went to their primary care physician. In many cases, they were seeking a referral to a specialist. The process was structured and family doctors were the gatekeepers for drumming up new business.

The internet changed how patients find their doctor. Medical practices need to start by accepting the role that Google plays in the healthcare industry. Before going to the doctor, nearly 90% of people search their symptoms on Google.

It is only natural that they also find their doctors on the internet. They search for cardiologists or podiatrists near their home.

With many Americans on PPO health insurance plans, they do not need a referral. Patients want to skip this step and get direct assistance for their medical issue.

The key for medical practices is to get their website ranked highly for specific Google searches. This is accomplished by a marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It involves publishing killer content that uses specific keywords and links back to other areas of your website.


There are modern tools designed to help you reach prospective patients easier and faster. These tools include artificial intelligence (AI) bots that do the hard work for you.

They communicate with clients so that you do not have to. They respond to questions and send automated follow-up e-mails after an appointment. Read more here to learn how an AI bot can generate leads without adding to your office’s headcount.

Social Media

Social media carries as much weight as Google when it comes to a medical marketing strategy. Americans spend countless hours on Facebook and other social media platforms each day.

They turn to these platforms when looking for medical recommendations. Your medical office can tailor marketing campaigns to certain demographics.

Consider you are an OB/GYN in Dallas, Texas. You can send tailored advertisements to females in the greater Dallas area.

Social media also allows you to drive traffic to your website. You can share killer content to your social media page. When users click on the blog post, they will be directed to your website.

A Healthcare Marketing Guide to Acquire New Patients

You are now ready to start gaining new patients. Implementing SEO techniques for your website and advertising on social media will go a long way.

It is also wise to employ automated tools to allow for mass communication with your clientele. If you enjoyed this article about healthcare marketing, check out our blog for more great content.

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