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The Most Common Air Travel Complaints from Seasoned Travellers

Frequent travellers very well know the good, bad and worst things that are associated with air travel beginning from the airport until landing back. A few issues still arise even when you have planned your trip very carefully. That doesn’t mean that your entire travel is ruined because of these troubles. You can easily deal with them when you are already aware of them and can make arrangements to avoid them ahead of your departure.

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We will be sharing a few complaints from seasoned travellers based on their travel experience. It will help you to get prepared for those hassles before planning your upcoming holiday or business trip.

The Most Common Complaints are:

1. Bad Wi-Fi

Most of the passengers are seen complaining about the speed of airport WiFi. It has been noticed that the internet connection at the airport has to face a lot of disruptions due to the huge number of users. The speed of the internet is too pathetic and is unable to play videos. Although Wi-Fi services are free for the passengers, the airports need to pay proper attention over the internet connections so that passengers can spend their waiting hours comfortably, without getting bored or irritated.

2. Long Lines at Security Screening

Before departure, it is one of the most troublesome tasks for the passengers, especially at busier airports. The passengers have to stand in the long queues for security screening. Although it is carried out for the safety of travellers, still many passengers get frustrated due to the hectic screening process and a few of them risk their flights too, in case of late arrival on the departure day.

3. Anxiety

On flight day, there are several stressful tasks that passengers have to pass through before boarding the plane. These tasks include meet and greet Heathrow parking, security screening procedures, and looking for the food (as they can’t rely on the food served on the flight). Such efforts make them tense even before the official beginning of their air travel.

There must be a few apps or systems that can help out the passengers to deal with such troubles efficiently and comfortably.

4. Seating capacity

Many UK airports don’t have enough seating capacity at the gates to facilitate a large number of passengers. Due to these reasons, the situation becomes quite uncomfortable during peak travel days and a lot of passengers have to either stand or compromise sitting over the dirty floors at the airport. While a few airports have concentrated on the seating scarcity issue and have increased their seating capacity to ensure all passengers can be accommodated, others should also work out on this most common travel issue.

5. Power Outlets

Nowadays, passengers are permitted to carry two electronic devices with them on the plane, which might include a laptop, tablet or iPad along with a Smartphone/iPhone. All these gadgets require power. Passengers are commonly seen having to huddle around outlets closer to trash cans or at gate desks. Some airports have focused on this issue and have increased the power outlets to increase the charging options for the passengers. Other airports also need to increase power outlets to resolve this common travel complaint.

6. Airport Parking

Airport parking is among the most complained aspects of travelling. Official parking compounds at all major UK airports are not able to meet the parking requirements of thousands of travellers reaching the airport daily. Also, the safety of vehicles is never guaranteed in the official parking area. The airports must work out to increase their parking area and make arrangements to ensure the safety and security of the cars in its’s parking compounds.

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7. Improved Signage

Airports must work out how to improve signage so that airport navigation becomes easier for passengers. Because of poor airport signage, the passengers have to use GPS on their cell phones to navigate the facility.

8. Improvement in Coordination

Airports and airlines badly need to bring improvement in their communications. In case of a flight cancellation or delay, the passengers are very confused when there is a contradiction in the statement of airline gate agent and airline app, while the flight view app comes up with a different stance. Airlines and airport authorities must improve the coordination among different departments so that the most accurate information can be provided to the passengers.

9. Clean toilets

Airports must invest in building more restrooms for the convenience of passengers. Female passengers are seen complaining about the scarcity of shelves to hang their scarves or purses. Many passengers avoid using the toilets due to cleanliness issues. Cleaning staff must be asked to maintain the cleanliness of the toilets 24×7. However, passengers are also equally responsible for dirty toilets, but at the end of the day, airports are blamed for not making proper arrangements. Hence, they must address this problem preferably.

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