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Things to Consider While Shifting Your Luggage to New Home

Thinking of shifting your luggage to new space? Maybe you’re struggling with shifting your luggage. Here are some things that are prerequisite to consider while shifting things. What are the things that you should take to your new place and what are the left behinds. It might be an overwhelming feeling to take all the things in a go but it sometimes it seems practically not feasible. But experts at On the Go Moving have prepared the list of some essentials that can make it easy for you to shift your luggage to new space:


Although it’s a basic thing to say but having said that, it is extremely important thing to carry while you are giving it a thought to shift to a new place. What good is the place if you don’t have the key which we forget all the time.

Sheets and a pillow

Everybody forgets this one. While this might seem insignificant but it’s really an important thing for good bedding and sleep has a major link with how exactly you feel. So don’t forget tis essential while moving luggage.


These are essentials for kitchen. It’s not only important for good cooking but also for good hygienic condition as well. Wooden utensils are always a good option as compared to plastic or any other material because they do not leave any stinking smell.

Cleaning supplies

Moving things to new space, there is definitely going to be dust settled down so adequate cleaning supplies are always a must keep thing. For these supplies, you must need a broom, dustbin, soap, detergent, glass cleaner and rags etc.

First-aid kit

Moving into a new place with shifting heavy objects can result in scrapes or injures for which you are definitely going to need a first-aid kit. This first-aid kit must include plasters, sterilize eye dressings, safety pins, disposable gloves, tweezers, bandages, medical tape and roller gauze etc.


Shifting is really some hard business to do and a dirty work as well. So while moving, always remember to take soap, hand wash, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizing creams, towels and washcloths for cleaning up. This helps you a lot to maintain your personal hygiene.

Spare batteries

Batteries are way more important to carry while you are thinking of shifting in a new place. You should keep spare batteries for any rechargeable stuff in home. Nickel cadmium can be carried safely in your luggage causing no problems because they are highly portable but don’t forget to keep them out of reach of children.


Since moving in a new place is really a tiresome job. So keeping that in mind we really need to keep some comfortable clothing with us during shifting. These clothing includes comfortable shirts, trouser and sleepwear.

On the go moving and storage is a highly insured and licensed company which helps you moving your luggage in your new place with ease. This company includes all the convenient options for the customers and make sure that they move their luggage in new space with careful movers.

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