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Tips for Crafting Engaging Content on Microsoft Teams

When working remotely, communication is key. Yet, it’s not always easy to communicate over a distance, ensure everyone sees messages, and engage with other team members when they also have a lot going on. This is where Microsoft Teams can help, but if you are going to use Teams, you will want to make sure the content posted is engaging and interesting so everyone does see it. There are several techniques you can try to create more engaging content to post on Teams. 

Create Shorter Content

When you’re creating content on Teams, remember to keep it brief. Everyone is busy, so although the information may be important, they likely don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to viewing it. Instead, when you keep it short, they will be able to take in all of the information. You’ll find engagement increases significantly when the information provided is as brief as possible while still hitting the key points. 

Check In With the Viewers

If you’re doing a live presentation or meeting on Teams, make sure to check in with the viewers regularly. Ask if they have any questions, make sure there are opportunities for breaks, and encourage them to take part in discussions. This can help increase engagement and interest in the meeting, so they’re likely to get a lot more out of it instead of just tuning out the information. 

Use Images and Graphs

Images and graphs should be used in your content, especially if you are having a longer meeting or are reviewing more complex information with the team. If something involves a lot of details or is better seen than heard about, include images and graphs. This gives the viewers a visual representation of what you’re saying, so it’s not only easier to understand, but it’s easier to remember, too. 

Add in Polls or Quizzes

Polls and quizzes can help boost engagement, ensuring employees are paying attention and understanding the material. They encourage the employees to participate, which can increase the chance the employees will remember the information being presented. Keep it fun and easy to do, so the team will enjoy the polls or quizzes. 

Include Short Videos

Like images and graphs, videos can provide a better understanding of materials for the team. Along with this, they can be a fun break and can help increase engagement. Use videos that are going to be interesting to watch and make sure they are kept short. Interest does tend to drop off when the video is too long, as the viewers may end up distracted instead of paying attention to it. 

Use the Chat Feature

Take advantage of the chat feature during the presentation to make sure everyone understands what you’re covering and so they can get answers to any questions they might have. The chat can also enable them to talk amongst themselves, so you can see how the presentation is going and make changes as needed to help your team.

If you’re planning on using Microsoft Teams to create content for your employees or team, make sure you’re using the tools available to you. Doing so can help you create more engaging content, so your team will enjoy the content and be able to learn from it. With the right help, you can create content that’s going to get a better response from everyone.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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