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Tips to Conquer Corona in the Workplace

The whole world is in the grip of the coronavirus and we also notice this in the workplace. What can employers do to limit the risks of further spread and possible damage? 3 tips, with special attention, is mandatory.

1. Observe hygiene in the workplace

This starts with: do not shake hands. And make sure employees wash their hands regularly. Use tissue paper and invite employees to sneeze at their elbow. Furthermore:

  1. Proper cleaning of the workplaces is crucial to prevent the possible spread of viruses.
  2. Let employees keep keyboards, mouse, computer desks, and work surfaces extra clean.
  3. Ask cleaners to take extra care of light knobs, doorknobs, taps and the railing of the stairs.
  4. Finally: good ventilation of the workspace ensures ‘cleaning’ of the indoor air.

Incidentally, the coronavirus cannot be spread via air conditioning, as the drops can only span two meters and are too heavy to be absorbed by the air conditioning.

2. Encourage working from home (if possible)

As long as employees do not show any symptoms of illness, according to Healthline, there is no reason to keep them out of the workplace. This changes when employees have symptoms such as a cold, cough or fever or when they have had contact with a corona patient or have been in a risk area. They are then asked not to come to work and to avoid contact with other people. In that case, it is possible to work from home.

Advice is more compelling for workplaces in most affected areas than in the rest of the world. Here is the advice – if possible – to work from home until April 05 as much as possible. Employees without health problems can in principle come to work. The cabinet has asked employers in Pakistan to examine whether working hours can be spread in order to limit mutual contacts to a minimum.

3. Check options for working time reduction

The short-time working scheme is intended for companies that are temporarily out of work for (part of) their staff, due to circumstances that are beyond the normal business risk. The coronavirus is also included. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate that they have at least 20% less working hours for at least two weeks and an estimated 24 weeks at least because of the coronavirus.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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