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Top 4 Photo Editing Tips for Beginners

You can’t wait to show your friends all the awesome pictures you took while you were on vacation. That is until you look at them. Most of them are blurry messes that are full of distractions.

Your fellow vacationers have red eyes in a majority of the photographs as well. Safe to say, you don’t want to show these pictures to anyone until you clean them up a bit. The problem is that while you have access to Photoshop or Adobe Express free image editor, you’re not that great at using it yet.

With the photo editing tips that we’re about to share with you, it won’t matter. Keep reading to learn how to become a pro.

  1. Getting Rid of Red Eye 

If you’re using the flash on your camera, the people in the photo will have red eyes. It’s a common thing that happens. Learning how to brighten eyes in lightroom on mobile and doing it in photoshop isn’t as hard as it seems.

Open up your picture in Photoshop and zoom in on the problem eyes. Click on the healing brush tool and hold it until you can see a drop-down menu. Select Red Eye Tool from the list.

Click on the red eyes and you should be good to go. There are other, more complicated ways to do this same thing, but we won’t get into those today.

  1. Touch-Ups 

When it comes to touch-ups, less is really more. If you do too much to remove acne scars and other imperfections from a person’s face, they may end up looking like some kind of alien.

Try your best to go more natural with it. Brighten someone’s smile a little, give a little extra something to the jewelry that the person is wearing, smooth out their complexion slightly. Little adjustments are key, which makes touch-ups one of the easiest ways to edit photos.

  1. Cropping 

Cropping is one of the photo editing basics that many beginners neglect. It’s a godsend when it comes to poor composition. If you believe your picture is missing a certain something, try using the crop tool to zero in on your subject a little more.

You can also use cropping to cut out distractions that have nothing to do with your image.

  1. Removing Distractions  

Speaking of removing distractions, there are some that the crop tool can’t take care of. If the problem is right in the middle of your photograph, you’ll have to do a little something extra to get rid of it.

In Photoshop, use your zoom tool to close in on the distraction. Grab the Clone Stamp tool and select something that is near the distraction.

A bush, a chunk of sky, anything will work as long as it looks natural. Set your Opacity to 100% and click on the distraction to make it look like a part of whatever sample you took.

Photo Editing Tips That Will Take Your Pictures to the Next Level

Are you tired of all your vacation photos coming out as blurry, red-eyed messes? Using these photo editing tips will help you breathe new life into them without going overboard.

You still want the image to look natural, which is exactly what light touch-ups, cropping, and removing distractions can do for you. If you’re looking for more ways to up your photo editing game, we can help. Check out the technology section of our blog for more articles like this one.

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