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Types of Wooden Interior Shutters You Can Choose for Your Home

There are three main types of wood shutters: solid, box-like, and raised panel. If you are seeking a classic look, consider elm wood. This type is also available in a variety of stains and finishes. Whether you are looking for a modern, contemporary, or traditional look, elm shutters are the perfect choice for your home.

These shutters are made from wood

You can select wood with mineral streaks, or choose a neutral color. The downside to these shutters is that they do not provide much interior climate control. However, they are the cheapest option and are a good choice for rooms with high humidity. Lastly, you can choose between engineered wood and thermalize shutters, which are both very durable and easy to maintain.

There are three main types of wood interior shutters: poplar, oak, and cafe style. Each of these comes with different features. For example, poplar shutters are more popular than oak because they have a medium-heavy wood. They are also more durable, but are difficult to paint. Because of their heavy weight, oak shutters are not suitable for rooms with high humidity levels. In addition to these, oak shutters are not very maintenance-friendly.

Versatile and customizable

Wooden interior shutters come in two varieties: engineered and natural. Both are incredibly versatile and customizable. Those made of engineered wood are lighter than the hardwood ones, making them easier to install and more affordable. The cost of engineered wood shutters will vary by region, but they are well worth the extra expense if you want to add style and durability to your home.

Plantation shutters, on the other hand, originated in the southern U.S., and are a more traditional type of wood shutter. They feature wider slats, and can be used on multiple windows. For interior windows, plantation shutters are most common. You can even choose a combination of both. A plantation shutter allows you to open and close the slats to regulate temperature.

Different styles available

These are mainly for interior windows and are available in different styles. They can be used to cover windows in the interior and can be used to cover multiple windows in a home. They will not provide any interior climate control, however. But they do allow you to close and open them to control air flow. If you have several windows, you can use them to block light and heat.

Board and batten shutters have slats that are wider, which allows more light to pass through. They are best used on interior windows and are often used on the lower part of windows. They also provide excellent insulation for your home. If you’re looking for a more rustic look, Premium Elm Hardwood shutters are a great choice. They have a deep wood grain and a textured surface.

Light control

Louvered interior shutters are made from wood slats that overlap. These interior shutters give a country-like look to your home. They are available in single and double heights. The double-height ones have small supports in the middle to create a sturdier body. All three types of wood interior shutters are great for privacy and light control. You should also read on cozy home blogs.

While you can choose from the numerous types of wood shutters, you may want to consider the type of frame you’re going to buy for your home. There are a variety of frame styles to suit your home. You can choose from many different materials to match your existing millwork. If you have a classic house, you can use wooden interior shutters to improve it. The most common types are framed in the traditional style.


Basswood shutters are very popular and widely available in many areas. They are available in different sizes, colors, and styles and can be customized for your needs. There are also 13 different finish options. You can also customize your hinge color and tilt control. Most of the wood interior shutters are available in four to five slats. You can choose between these two types depending on the style of your home.

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