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Unique Date Ideas to Surprise Him this Valentine

In a relationship or not, many of us look forward to Valentine’s Day for various reasons. While it gives couples an excuse to pamper and romance with each other, many singles turn it into a day of self-love and enjoy their singlehood with friends or just by treating themselves. We all get confused about deciding how to make the day special for our special someone. You can send Valentine flowers at their doorstep to surprise them or bake their favorite meal.
If you are a woman looking for cool date ideas for your boyfriend but don’t want to get cheesy, here are some unique ideas to help you in creating an awesome date for your boyfriends or husbands.

Recreating Your First Date

Going to fancy restaurants for Valentine’s Day is very cliché. Instead, you can go to the restaurant where you two had your first date ever. You need to sit down a night or week before to plan things out. Make a note of all that you can remember of that date- the outfits you wore, which place you visited and what you ate. If he bought a bouquet for you, you can do the same for him this time. Online flower delivery in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, etc. is very convenient. You can use them to order fresh flowers.

This is a cool way of going down the memory lane and reliving those beautiful moments. The idea of this second first date can get very adventurous as you will be reconstructing a very important date of your life while weaving in more experiences.

Try Snow Activities

No romantic movie is complete without a beautiful snowfall and a chilling winter kiss. If you are in a hilly area or a place that experiences snowfall, you are lucky. Make the most of it by building a snowman with him or by going for ice skating. In case you are in a place with no falling snow, you can find out about places that have fun activities on artificial snow. There are many such snow worlds you can find in malls and gaming zones. Create your own dreamy movies like Serendipity and all those flicks with romantic scenes of ice skating. Trust me; you will remember the day for years to come!

Have a Staycation

We all know how busy we all are in life. Most of the time, all that we want is some calm away from the chaos. If your husband or partner is always stuck in deadlines and piled up files, convince him to take a day off. While it is difficult to plan a holiday getaway, you can book a hotel room for you two. It will be a refreshing break and works wonders especially if you both are working parents. Have a day eating good food and enjoying each other’s company while looking at the beautiful view from the hotel window. Staycations are great for having adult conversations or just for looking back at the journey you have had so far. To make the ambiance more romantic, you can go for a same-day flower delivery & send Valentine flowers through various online portals and get them in your hotel room.

Preparing Meals

Cooking a meal together can be very fun and entertaining. If you are planning to surprise him, you can do the cooking all by yourself. Bring out the creative side of yours and try making a heart-shaped meal. There are countless videos on YouTube that teach you the same. If you want to simplify it, buy heart-shaped or red-colored crockery for serving the food. You can buy flowers online or visit a florist for decorating your dining table with fresh blooms. Play some romantic tunes and add in your favorite cocktails too. Nothing feels better than a warm, romantic dinner with your loved one after a tiring day.

You may or may not believe in the concept of February 14th as many think we don’t need a specific day for expressing love. However, it is always a good idea to keep reminding your partner how much they matter to you. Why not take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to make your husband or partner feel special? As you just saw, there are countless ways of doing so and for pampering them. If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can pay a surprise visit or use an online valentine flower delivery to get fresh blooms delivered at their doorstep. No matter what big you do or how little effort you put in, it is the thought that counts. At the end of the day, everyone deserves to know their value in their lover’s life and what can make them happier than cute surprises?

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