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Weber Spirit Grill Cover to Protect Your valuable Equipment from Wear and Tear

We are using Weber grills for generations, and with proper maintenance and care, these grills may last for a very long time. However, there are many types of grills out there, and many of them have the same kind of features. Most of them come at a much lower price too. However, Weber grills have never gone out of the vogue even in this tight competition.

Weber grills are manufactured by the Weber Bros. Metal Works established back in 1893. In 1952, the co-owner George Stephen Sr. was cooking using a brazier at his home, for which he used some sheet metal to construct the early form of the current Weber grill. At that time, it was called “George’s Barbecue Kettle,” and he brought it to the market to become an instant hit. The rest is history.

Until the introduction of Weber grills, outdoor cooking was largely done on an open flame or over a brick oven, where this new kettle became the first form of the grill, which offered improved performance on cooking outdoor. In the late 1950s, Stephen bought the Weber Bros. factory and renamed it as Weber-Stephen Products. He then devoted this business to making grills and barbecues and experimented with many new technologies and materials to facilitate better outdoor cooking.

Protecting your Weber spirit grill

Weber grills are of various types. These grills are fundamentally made of porcelain-coated stainless-steelenamel, cast iron, and other durable materials. The maintenance of Weber grills is not so difficult. You may clean it after each use and also keep it covered using a good grill cover. Most of the Weber grills come with a 10-year warranty, and if you maintain it well, these products can last for a much longer time as experienced by the majority of the users.

Buying cover for Weber grills

As we have seen above, the grill owners need to take care of your cozy piece of equipment well to keep it in good shape for a long. There are different weber spirit grill cover choices available at the online stores, which you can get at an affordable rate. However, while choosing the apt cover material for these high-performance grills, you need to be very careful.

As many of us tend to leave the grill outdoors after cooking, it is important to look for a grill cover, which is waterproof to protect your grill from rain and dampness. It is also a good look for a breathable material, which will help the condensation escape through the vents. There are many materials available like vinyl and polyester etc. used to make Weber grill covers. You can also opt for highly breathable canvas covers, but the canvas is not as capable as vinyl when it comes to water resistance. Considering the budget, there is nothing wrong with spending a few additional bucks on getting a good grill cover as you make a significant investment in purchasing a Weber spirit grill. The cover will ensure a better ROI on your investment over time.

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