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What Are the Applications of Temporary Buildings?

A need for space may arise for any business both urgently and unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances or many other reasons. Luckily, temporary buildings offer companies great space solutions that can be set up quickly. This is something that brick-and-mortar structures simply cannot provide due to the time and cost needed to construct them.

What are temporary buildings?

Temporary buildings are assembled using parts manufactured in a factory away from the site. The major component parts are then delivered to the site and assembled to form complete structures. They are easy to assemble and later dismantle.  Importantly, they take only a short time to erect, unlike permanent buildings. Businesses ordering them can define their needed specifications for the manufacturing facilities when they want tailor-made structures.

What are the uses of temporary structures?

Below are some of the ways businesses use non-permanent structures:

Warehousing and storage facilities

Many businesses will need extra storage space. For example, retail companies may require extra space to store their merchandise to meet increased customer demand, especially during peak periods. If they need the extra space only for a limited period and may not have the funds to build permanent structures, they may find temporary buildings are the answer.

Other businesses that need temporary buildings for extra space are manufacturers who need space to store raw materials and finished goods. They may need additional space to provide increased production areas during peak seasons or to take advantage of low costs, such as raw materials and other inputs. Agricultural enterprises also use temporary structures to store animal feeds, seeds, chemicals, and farm outputs. Besides, these structures offer excellent storage options for machinery and equipment.

Retail businesses selling space

Retailers require huge spaces to display their merchandise for their customers to inspect and buy. Temporary buildings, especially clear-span buildings like big tents without internal pillars, provide an ideal space for the retailer because they offer huge display areas and allow the free movement of people. Businesses in the retail sector and other sectors can buy or hire temporary buildings from Smart-Space, the leading company in the UK for providing temporary structures, with over 30 years of experience.

Garages and showrooms

Car dealers and auto repair businesses find temporary structures valuable resources because they offer huge spaces for their activities. Garages use these structures to host their repair businesses, and clear-span buildings are excellent for them because they allow vehicles to move without restrictions.

Car dealers also use temporary buildings to display the vehicles they have for sale. The structures shelter cars from the elements, such as rain, sunshine, and others, and keep off dust. They also allow the free movement of vehicles and enough space for potential buyers to view them.

Schools and other educational institutions

Sometimes schools have higher intakes than usual or need more space to host activities such as sports, parents’ meetings, and others. The good news is that temporary buildings can offer learning institutions the required extra space to be used as classrooms, dormitories, dining halls, sports complexes, etc.

In addition, schools, colleges, and other learning facilities can use temporary buildings to keep their learning programs running after incidents such as fires. This is crucial to avoid disruption of the learning programs.


Farmers seeking sizeable indoor space with controlled conditions to grow crops faster and with protection from pests and various things can use temporary buildings as greenhouses. These structures are easy to construct and provide protection around the year, providing better yields and higher quality produce.

Eateries and event hosting

Businesses that sell food and drinks need large areas where customers can sit comfortably as they eat and drink. These companies can use temporary buildings made of metal frames and PVC covers to have excellent eating areas. Also, non-permanent structures, especially clear-span buildings, can provide large spaces for hosting events such as graduations, weddings, and others.


There are limitless uses for temporary structures, and nearly every sector can use them in one way or another. It is crucial to buy or hire them only from reliable providers to ensure you get quality solutions. 

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