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What is Performance Marketing and How is it Valuable?

Performance marketing. You may be wondering what exactly it is and how it can be used to bring value to your business. If you so, this article is just for you!

What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is essentially an online advertising strategy. It is when advertisers and marketing companies are paid when a certain action is carried out. For example, this can take the form of a click, sale, or lead. Over the years, performance marketing has changed how businesses advertise and sell their products, services, and goods. Importantly, performance marketing has also given organizations the ability to measure important metrics such as conversion rate and brand reach. This is important as it can allow for growth and development as businesses can easily identify weaknesses, areas of improvement, and strengths.

Reasons why performance marketing is valuable

There are countless benefits of performative marketing, some of which will be discussed below.

Performance marketing campaigns can help easily track performance

Businesses can now view the whole click-to-consume path for each user (from the moment a customer clicks on a link or webpage up until they eventually make a purchase or transaction). This can help them identify where to place the most investment in terms of which partners and in which channels. This knowledge will certainly optimize and produce better results both in the short- and long term.

Performance marketing campaigns are low risk

The business can reap the many benefits of performance marketing with little to no risk. This is because the organization will be building a brand via third-party partners by using their audiences, reach, and budget. This will consequently increase your businesses market share and audience engagement. Importantly also, since you only have to spend money and pay the advertiser once the desired action takes place, the risk is almost non-existent. You pay for what you get.

There is also a focus on return on investment, ensuring that the investment that you make is an efficient one.

Performance marketing is flexible

There are many types of performative marketing, including social media advertising, native advertising, sponsored content, and performance partnerships; meaning that there is a great diversity of options. Simply pick one that suits you best.

How to conduct performance marketing

One of the best, easiest, and effective ways to get started on performance marketing is by doing it through an ad agency. Such agencies can help you easily manage the marketing duties and give you immediate feedback on performance. Furthermore, they can improve campaigns that you have already developed and make them and future ones even more relevant and specific to your audience.

However, before you do this it is a good idea to establish your campaign goals. Do you want to focus on increasing your brand awareness? Do you want to sell your products? Maybe you want both? It is best practice to be prepared and organized. So, consider where you want your campaigns to be shared and who your target audience are. Asking and answering these key questions are essential to your success.

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