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Which Character should you choose in Sailing Era

Sailing Era is an indie game developed by GY games and hopes to take players onto the high seas with a focus on strategy and simulation. It combines a mixture of realistic sailing mechanics with a complex system of resource management and a focus on crew-building to create a feeling of being on a vessel during the 15th and 17th centuries. It tells the story of four sailors each of which has their own plot and motivation for exploring the seas but all want to explore the nautical routes of the world. However, each character comes with its perks and disadvantages. Here is a brief Sailing Era character guide to picking your protagonist.

Andrew for the beginners

Andrew is a sailor that hails from Portugal. It is because of this that he and his crew get access to the open ocean of the Atlantic very early on. Andrew’s strengths lie in bonuses that help with sailing around the world and discovering new ports. This will help you build EXP points quickly and allow you to level up easier. He also comes with the Innate Leader skill which allows less EXP to level up. Every port you reach with Andrew becomes accessible for trading through his contribution ability.

Abdullah for the intermediate

Abdullah hails from the Arabian sea but is a skilled swashbuckling sailor. The Arabian Sea is a confined but still quite diverse space. Abdullah has the skill to turn combat victories to his advantage. He gains an EXP boost for every battle that he wins and so you will be encouraged to tackle pirates from quite early on. Abdullah also allows you to build your fleet quickly and cheaply as you can recruit defeated ships.

Yun Mu for those looking for a challenge

Yun Mu is a scholarly sailor. She starts near the ports of Taiwan which give you access to the open ocean which is full of islands. Yun Mu’s main ability is to grant EXP bonuses through her pursuit of knowledge. Every discovery grants a boost. You will spend a lot of time exploring. Yun Mu also has the ability to translate books faster meaning that you will have a better map earlier on. In addition to this, she can raise the value of the goods you trade as she knows the most about them. She is a good option if you are willing to put the time in.

Yoshitaka Shizuma for the advanced

The sailor from Japan is painted as the breadwinner for his family. He has access to the islands and coasts of the Pacific. His skills lie in shipbuilding and so you will need to spend a lot of money to gain the benefits of his bonuses. On the other hand, he does raise the profits gained from industrial products. Additionally, he is given the ability to have free cabin modifications which can save you a little cash.

Sailor Era characters

If you are new to the world of RPG and strategy games, it may be better to start with a more beginner gaming level. This will help you appreciate the finer details when you get to play with the advanced characters.

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