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Which Streaming Service is better in UK: Disney+ vs Amazon Prime Video?

If you do not wish to spend £50 / month on cable, live TV, or satellite, a video streaming service subscription is your best bet. You can watch all of your favorite TV episodes, films, and documentaries on one platform thanks to streaming services.

While there are countless streaming platforms available in the market, you shouldn’t pay attention to all the choices available.

Among the many streaming services accessible in the UK, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus are the two most widely used. While it is true that both platforms provide ad-free watching of films and shows, they are significantly different. To help you decide which is best for you and your loved ones, we analyzed Disney+ vs. Amazon Prime Video in this blog.

The comparison of Disney+ with Amazon Prime Video

1) Subscription Cost

Disney+ does have a basic subscription charge of £7.99/month, though Amazon Prime does have a range of options. Just the video-on-demand service comes with a £7.99/month cost of Amazon Prime Video. A selection of Kindle ebooks, music, free same-day shipping, photo storage, and a Twitch membership are all part of the £10.69/month price of Amazon Prime.

Both streaming sites provide the major advantage of not binding you into long-term deals if you do not want to. Both of them provide discounted annual passes, but you can also choose to register regularly.

2) Movies

With over 400 films available to purchase, Disney+ includes a combination of well-known titles, blockbuster successes, & underappreciated masterpieces from people’s teens. Disney is one of the largest film companies in the world, thus having access to the majority of its massive library’s options is a big selling point.

While Amazon currently offers more than 20,000 films to its customers, which is a remarkable volume of content, some might say the quantity compromises its quality.  The overwhelming majority of the films on Disney+ are popular and treasured titles, based on an analysis of the choice. Considering that Amazon has already been purchasing licenses for several foreign films, the bulk of the movies on its list are unknown.

Disney+ does have a decent film portfolio for kids and their families, whereas Amazon Prime offers a significantly larger choice for adults. Yet, the bulk of Amazon’s more well-known films is a couple of years or even older since Disney uploads its new movies on its site approximately 8 months after they are released theatrically.

3) TV Series

The preponderance of the TV episodes featured by Disney+ comprises the Disney Channel series, which may not be as interesting for adult subscribers but are ideal for younger audiences. In addition to other successful shows such as The Star Wars: The Mandalorian, The Simpsons, and National Geographic have quite a variety of interesting new documentaries.

While Amazon Prime Video misses the same range and depth of premium material, it typically makes up for it with range and collection size. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, a lover of Television shows or crude humor, Amazon’s platform offers something for everyone. Furthermore, Amazon has a variety of excellent original shows. For instance, Bosch is a favorite among many. Another good television show is The Man in the High Castle.

The authorized material which Amazon offers fills out its entire vast catalog. Yet, not all of this content is restricted. If Amazon Prime Video and rivals like Hulu both offer licensed programming, some duplication is to be expected. Even some of the complimentary streaming services like Tubi overlap.

You may add certain premium channels on Amazon Prime Video for an extra charge. The cost is significantly increased by such “Amazon Channels,” however if you do not like Prime Video’s selections, you can always continue this route. Companies like HBO or CuriosityStream are accessible via Amazon Channels. You can enjoy these channels using the Amazon store if you own an Amazon account, which also implies that Amazon will be responsible for billing.

4) Additional Features

Both Amazon and Disney+ provide several of their programs in HD or 4K without charging extra, and both offer content that may be downloaded on gadgets for offline watching.

5) Future Challenges

The very same challenges that Hulu and Netflix are experiencing also are hitting Amazon as even more studios pull their original content for their subscription services. Even though Amazon has included material from corporations such as Warner Bros, BBC, Disney, and Universal, these titles will ultimately be taken down; however, for the short term, this is not a concern.

Disney owns the content on its portal, thus copyrights and expiration dates won’t be as big of an issue with Disney+. Amazon’s back catalog will change significantly over time.

6) Original Content

Disney+ debuted with two high-caliber films, Lady and the Tramp and Noelle,  along with successful shows such As the Mandalorian and some other exclusive shows like Encore, Imagineering Story, and others. The Disney+ debut lineup was excellent, and also the studio is heavily investing in new shows, notably new Marvel movies.

However, Amazon currently has a larger range of original series, including shows like Jack Ryan, The Boys, The Marvelous Mrs. Masiel, and Carnival Row. Even though Amazon is making significant investments in brand-new original material, Disney can engage with its audience more quickly thanks to its long-running franchises.

7) Value

Outside its video-on-demand feature, Amazon Prime’s value stems from its extensive list of features. Because of the benefits it serves, millions of individuals subscribe to Amazon Prime. Disney+ is the more affordable option, however, if you use additional media like music, books, or importantly—products via Amazon, an Amazon Prime membership is a fantastic deal. Subscribers of Amazon Prime also receive extra discount coupons and numerous other perks on its online shopping venture Amazon.com.


Disney+ and Amazon Prime deliver completely diverse experiences; Disney+ is just focused on providing the finest Disney content at a fair price, while Amazon Prime is far more focused on becoming a component of the Amazon ecosystem than only streaming videos. Disney+ offers great options for certain audiences but is less compelling for adults.

Amazon Prime is a fantastic subscription service in my opinion, but if I didn’t frequently buy things from Amazon, I might not be a user of its streaming video services since they don’t constantly update their original material and the library of the older stuff is rather hit-or-miss.

In the end, it will depend on how frequently you use each service; test the platform out for free to see whether it’s good for you.

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