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Why Hiring In-House Marketing Advisors Is a Bad Idea for Your Business

“Outsourced CPM” is an umbrella term for two business models: Consolidated and Managed. Consolidated outsourcing is where the outsourced services are done in one geographical location such as Singapore, instead of in-house. The benefit of this model is the cost savings in terms of transport and labor. On the other hand, it allows companies to focus more on their core competencies. The concept has been adopted by the financial sector, where financial businesses have switched from in-house call centers to outsourced call center operators. Financial firms can save on manpower and management costs.

Consolidated Outsourcing

The second alternative, which is a form of managed or consolidated outsourcing, is when a company buys out the services of a marketing or administrative company that works out of a specific location. The most popular examples are telesales outsourcing and payroll outsourcing. Outsourcing your accounting needs to an outside company is not only cheaper than in-house operations, it is also more convenient.

Business owners sometimes find it difficult to decide whether to go for an in-house outsourced CMO or a third-party outsourcing model. If you are looking for an additional income stream and want a fresh perspective on how your company can perform better, then an outsourced CMO is the best option. There are some things that you should consider before signing up with a CMO.


Many businesses use an outsourced CMO primarily to cut costs. The CMO can even find ways to improve social media marketing (already low-cost), by finding ways to buy TikTok views. A common misconception is that you get a cheap quote and are charged with fixed prices for long-term contracts. But this is not the case. As an outsourcing marketer, you will negotiate contracts that are mutually beneficial. The rates charged will reflect the value of your services as well as the time taken to achieve the desired results.

Determining The Size Of Your Outsourcing

The first thing to consider when outsourcing your to is the kind of output you would like to outsource. You need to be clear on whether you are looking for a small amount of work for the weekend or a long-term contract. If you want a simple project, then you can hire someone on a fractional CMO to complete the job. But if you are looking for quality outputs, then you will have to hire someone on a full-time basis. This aspect is important in the planning stages of your outsourced business.

Valuing Your Services

When you plan to hire someone on a short-term basis, you must determine the value of your services. Outsourcing your marketing strategy to a digital marketing agency will require a lot of planning. A digital marketing agency usually has several digital marketing professionals on its payroll, which means that you will have to work out a long-term strategy. If you hire a full-time outsourced CMO, then you have to evaluate the strategy once a month. With a fractional so, you can easily do this.

Before you outsource a digital marketing strategy to an outsourced CMO firm, you have to make sure that the firm has established a good reputation in the market. You also have to check whether they will be able to execute your marketing strategy according to your goals and objectives. Check whether you’re outsourced CMO has a strong team of professionals and advisers. Also, check whether they offer services like SEO, PPC, content writing, social media management, and other such services. A part-timer, who normally does not have the necessary resources and expertise to execute a full-time marketing strategy. But if you are hiring an entirely digital marketing agency, then you can be assured of the best results.

Constant Vs. Interrupted Execution

One more important factor to consider before hiring in-house employees is whether your strategy needs to be executed constantly. If it is a short-term strategy, then it might be possible to execute the same with a part-time employee. But for a medium or long-term plan, you might need a team of professionals who execute the strategy on a daily basis. Digital marketing agencies offering outsourced CPO are definitely a great option for a company planning to scale up its marketing activities.

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