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Why is the demand for Gifts increasing in Round Packaging?

In the past few years, the demand for round boxes has been surged to a maximum level because of their increasing use for gift items packaging. To protect these expensive and fragile items during transportation, sturdy e-flute corrugated cardboard is used. Kraft paper and bux board are also used to manufacture them. To make them interactive and appealing for the customers, the latest printing techniques are used. CMYK color schemes and Pantone models are used to make the colors sharp and vibrant in the printing process. Gloss, matte, spot UV, matte UV, and aqueous coating are such finishing materials that are used as coating and lamination to make their surface smooth and shiny. In the junk of same shaped boxes, some uniquely presented round boxes can make a clear difference, and this thing attracts the buyers a lot. They always wanted something unique to give gifts to their loved ones. This packaging is mostly used for expensive and fragile items like watches, tech items, perfumes, and many others because of their effectiveness. Let’s have a look at the reason because of which they are highly in demand for gift items.

Attractive looks

Over the years, people kept using the traditional square packaging for their items. This continuous usage of the same structure packaging has made people tiresome of it. They were in wait for something unique, and on the manufacturing of these beautiful boxes, they have been widely appreciated by the customers and retailers because of their uniqueness. In a retail store or a specific gift store, most of the products are presented in the traditional shapes, and in between these similar shapes, a uniquely presented round box can easily be distinguished. They are a great source of increasing product visibility and getting more sales for the retail store owners. Also, different brands have analyzed the growing trend of this round boxes, and now many startups try to make a separate identity in the market. The round lid present on the top has increased the attractiveness to a maximum level and made it easy for the buyers and retailers to open them and have a quick look at them.

Increased Safety

Fragile and expensive items need more safety than any other product. Such items can be easily harmed during transportation, loading, and unloading. Jerks can harm the products during transportation. To avoid this situation, various foam cushions and other eco-friendly inserts are used. They are soft and protect these items from getting harmed. Different inserts can be packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, foam inserts, and molded pulp inserts. This cushioning keeps them safe to reach safely to the retail stores and then to the customers. The top lid is also made of strong corrugated cardboard materials and saves the internal items from dust and moisture. Such environmental factors and changing weather conditions can affect the physical appearance and quality of the items placed in them. These increased safety measures are loved by the customers as they do not want a product to be delivered to their loved ones in bad condition.

Long shelf life

Usually, before the various ongoing events throughout the year, retailers try to purchase such gift items in a bulk quantity. These are the events that provide an opportunity for the brands and retailers to make the maximum of sales. To increase the customer’s engagement, retailers put these products on display on the counter shelves across the aisle. They normally do it before the events for a pre-event promotion of these items. So, it is necessary to use the packaging made of such materials that can increase the shelf life of the packaging. A negative impact can go to the customers if the packaging is not in the right condition. These boxes are manufactured with an e-flute corrugated cardboard material, which is famous for its resistance against environmental factors. Also, they have no edges, which can cause harm during stacking or shifting from one place to another.

Sustainable materials

People use to send precious gift items on special celebrations like Christmas, New Year, weddings, and birthdays to their loved ones. So they also try to take care of their health in every aspect. Previously such elements were being used in the packaging that was not safe for human health. Prior packaging solutions contain some plastic elements, which are now completely replaced by the use of eco-friendly materials. These boxes are manufactured with the help of biodegradable materials that are completely prepared of organic substances. Such substances have no impact on human health and the environment when disposed of after the primary use. This increased sustainability has compelled the brands to opt for this solution to create awareness in the community. This increase in sustainability has also played an important role in the rising demand for this luxury packaging.

Increased customization

Another feature that these round boxes are providing is the use of several customization options that are very effective in making the gift items more appealing and attractive. Different customization options used in these boxes are the die-cutting, custom window cut-out, embossing, and foiling. These custom options provide an opportunity for the buyers to have a look at the real products placed inside the packaging. Normally in the case of these boxes, a custom window cut-out option is incorporated at the top lid. It also makes the lid more beautiful and enticing. Their round surface can be used attractively to print the logo of the company and other necessary details quite attractively. Different add-ons can also be applied to make them more like a gift. Different ribbons and butterfly shapes can be used as add-on options.

With the help of all the above-mentioned benefits of the round boxes, we can easily understand why there is a sudden rise in the demand for these boxes for gifts. They have provided an added functionality to the customers in terms of safety and making them attractive, and for retailers, they made it easy to increase the sales volume.

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