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Why Should You Choose Video-on-Demand Streaming Platforms?

The video-on-demand streaming platforms are booming as they have become the most common entertainment medium. The revenue of the video streaming industry is projected to reach 80.83 billion dollars in 2022. And its revenue is expected to show a growth rate of 11.48%! This highlight the potential that the video-on-demand streaming industry possesses.

While we are all familiar with Netflix, countless other platforms offer quality entertainment to the audience. So, it is time to cut the cords and use one of the popular streaming services.

If you are still confused about choosing video-on-demand platforms, read this blog!

Benefits of Using Video-On-Demand Platforms over the Traditional TV

Six convincing reasons are listed below. Read on!


Video-on-demand platforms have changed the way content is consumed. It has added a lot to taking conventional TV to the next level. Unlike traditional TV, it allows you to watch your favourite shows anytime and anywhere on the move. Since you are not bound to wait for your content, you do not have to reschedule your work to watch it. Previously, you could only watch shows at a specific time and place, but streaming platforms offer more flexibility. 


Since the video-on-demand industry is competitive, several providers offer streaming services at cheaper rates. It allows everyone to access a diverse variety of content on its affordable monthly subscription. One does not even have to purchase other devices to view the content, as they can simply download the application on their smartphones.

They also have several perks and premium add-ons without breaking the bank! So, you get to enjoy your TV experience to the fullest.

Offers a Huge Collection of Content

This is another advantage of using streaming services! Unlike traditional TV, you get to watch many TV shows and movies. Moreover, most of the on-demand streaming platforms offer the option of live TV as well. Therefore, you get access to a wide variety of content.

As if the video-on-demand platforms were not enough! The hunger for more has also led to the introduction of smart-set top boxes so users can get a cinema-like experience at home. If you are old school and still want to watch a plethora of TV content at your house, we suggest you subscribe to the DISH Network channel guide. If you subscribe to the basic package, you can still access 190+ channels. You can watch live TV and even record your favourite shows for later. Moreover, its smart-setup box lets you gain access to streaming services. It sure is an affordable option considering the quality of services it offers.

Your family can watch their favourite show on any device through the DISH Anywhere application. Visit the DISH channel guide for more information.

Supports a Wide Range of Devices

Not everyone prefers using laptops and desktop computers to watch their favourite shows! To make our lives much more accessible, video streaming platforms are compatible with many devices like smart TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, and so on. You can even watch your shows while you are travelling as long as you have access to an internet connection. Moreover, you can even download the content and watch it offline. This is the reason that more people are inclined toward these platforms. The iFunTV, Amazon Prime, iFVOD, and Netflix are examples of on-demand video streaming platforms.

No Commercials

Believe it or not, commercials are the most annoying thing about traditional TV! It ruins our viewing experience and even consumes more time. However, most TV streaming platforms do not offer ads, or one can choose a premium package to avoid ads.

The audience enjoys watching content as they can watch it without sitting through commercials. This is a significant advantage for users as it allows them to watch their content without hindering their viewing experience.

Ability to Pause, Rewind, and Forward

When you watch TV, you have to stay alert. Otherwise, you will miss your show! Traditional TV does not offer the ability to pause, rewind, or forward. For example, you cannot remain during an emergency and cannot fast-forward to a song you do not like. This can be annoying because you might want to take a break. However, thanks to the streaming platforms, they offer all the essential features that allow you to watch the content on your terms.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of cutting your cable cord and subscribing to video-on-demand platforms. They are affordable and yet offer a diverse variety of content. If you are tired of paying your cable bills, look for a suitable streaming platform. Once you start using it, there is no going back, as you can watch the exclusive content any time from any corner of the globe.

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