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12 Funny Employee Awards to Boost Company Morale in 2021

Are you looking to boost sales, increase productivity, and improve customer service?

Look no further than employee morale.

Research shows that businesses with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable than their counterparts. High company morale also reduces absenteeism by over 40%.

Engaged, happy employees are more likely to go the extra mile to not only close deals and increase revenue but feel truly invested in their jobs and the company.

Need help giving your employees a pick-me-up? These funny employee awards are sure to do the trick!

Celebrate your employees’ unique personalities and contributions with these 12 employee award ideas.

  1. The Early Bird Award

It seems fitting to start with this employee award.

There’s always one person who’s first to the office every day — even before their scheduled time.

This award goes to that worker who’s awake before the sun and 2 cups of coffee deep before the rest of the office arrives.

  1. The Coffee Expert Award

Speaking of coffee, this funny employee award is perfect for the team member who always has a cup of Joe in their hand — no matter the time or place.

If this employee isn’t brewing coffee in the breakroom, they’re offering to make a coffee run to the local Starbucks. To really memorialize this employee award, present it on a ceramic coffee mug.

  1. Social Director Award

Every office has one. The social butterfly who takes the reigns on every meeting, luncheon, large-scale event, or even the company’s charity kickball game!

Honor this employee’s ability to multi-task and plan a killer party with a pin they can proudly wear around the office. Add a clipboard and hat to complete the “director” look.

  1. The Empty Desk Award

Is there one desk in the office that always sits empty? Is the occupant nowhere to be found?

This funny employee award is for the person who never seems to be at their desk. Whether they’re in a meeting, socializing with coworkers, or out to lunch, this person is hard to find and nail down.

Another fun twist on this employee award is one entitled, “Always In a Meeting”.

  1. The Interior Decorator Award

Which employee missed their calling as an interior decorator or designer? This office award idea is for the innovative employee who transformed their workspace into something you’d see on HGTV.

From pictures and decorations to an essential oil diffuser, this employee has created a cubicle that’s warm, inviting, and stylish.

  1. The Time Keeper Award

The recipient of this award lets the entire office know when it’s quitting time. At 4:59 p.m., this worker is already headed to the time clock, ready to punch out the minute it turns 5:00.

They may even start cleaning up their cubicle and logging off their computer 10 minutes before the day is done. You never have to set an alarm with this employee around!

  1. The Fitness Award

This is the perfect employee award for the gym rat of the office. Does this person bring sneakers to work, hit the gym on their lunch break, and always take the stairs?

If so, they deserve the office’s fitness award. Some fitness enthusiasts might even try to get the entire office on board by suggesting weight loss challenges or a company-wide diet.

Get motivated and get moving!

  1. The Foodie Award

This employee would definitely fail at the company-wide diet because their desk is stocked with every take-out menu within a 10-mile radius.

Give this award to the employee who’s always ordering lunch for themselves and never brings food from home. They also know the names and phone numbers of the hottest eateries that are just opening up.

Another sure-sign the employee is deserving of this Foodie Award? DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats are their most-used apps.

  1. The Super Snacker Award

A little different than the Foodie Award, this employee has the best snack drawer in the office.

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Head over to their desk where you’ll find a not-so-secret stash of candy bars, cookies, and granola bars.

Craving something salty? This employee probably has plenty of chips and pretzels to take care of that too.

  1. The Fashion Guru Award

This award is fitting for the employee who looks run-way ready every day. From designer brands to flashy jewelry and the hottest fashion trends, this employee always looks their best.

Dress-down day holds no meaning to this award recipient who’s a fashion statement from head to toe.

  1. The Office Clown Award

From class clown to office clown, this person is always cracking jokes and lightening the office mood. This employee award goes to the funniest member of your team.

Whether it’s pulling pranks or telling dad jokes, you can always expect a wise-crack from this jovial worker.

  1. The Better Late Than Never Award

We started with the Early Bird award for the team member who’s always early and we’re ending with an office award for the employee who just can’t seem to arrive on time.

This employee is also full of excuses. Whether it’s a flat tire, an alarm that didn’t go off, or traffic, the recipient of this award is always late and always has a reason.

Presenting Your Funny Employee Awards

In life, it’s all about the presentation, and giving funny employee awards is no different.

Schedule an award ceremony where you can present each employee with their much-deserved award. Be sure to choose carefully so you don’t offend anyone.

Only give tongue-in-cheek employee awards to those team members with a good sense of humor (like the Office Clown).

Personalize acrylic awards so each worker can proudly display their new office title. Have the Foodie Award winner order lunch from their favorite eatery and enjoy a fun and relaxed team meeting.

Boost Company Morale and Business with Fun Events

Nothing boosts employee morale quite like a laid-back event honoring their hard work. Whether it’s an entire day, a weekend retreat, or a catered lunch, investing in employee happiness is an investment in your company’s success.

These funny employee awards are a great way to not only acknowledge your employee’s best attributes but show them that you’re not afraid to let loose and have some fun!

Be sure to visit our blog regularly for more innovative, cutting-edge tips on boosting business and getting a leg-up on the competition.

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