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What to Look for When Hiring an SEO Company?

Your potential customer won’t even know about your website’s existence if it doesn’t show up on the search engine’s first page. So, to ensure your existence and better search engine visibility, you should hire an SEO company. But, when you search for hiring an SEO company, you will find numerous options to select from.

A single Google search displays countless SEO service provider’s lists from each corner of the world. Now, you may realize how difficult it is to find out the best and efficient one can be. To make it easy for you, we have come up with some tips in this article.

You will find some best SEO service company in Bangladesh that work with passion and effectiveness. But, the issue arises when you have to choose the best SEO company above all. Before hiring an SEO company, make sure to consider the below points.

Making Realistic Claims

Before anything else, you have to measure how realistic the company’s claims seem. Don’t fall for those who promised to rank your website at the number 1 position in a week or month. Because that is next to impossible.

An experienced SEO company will listen to your goal first then they will conduct a thorough site audit. After analyzing everything, they will come up with real facts and solutions. Genuine companies don’t make false promises; rather, they believe in showing positive results.

Focus on ROI

It’s true that SEO is for ranking the website top on Google’s search results. But the fact is you won’t pay someone only for ranking on the top. You will do it to gain more customers, sales, and ultimately revenue.

Many companies only obsess with the ranking and forget to focus on the ROI part. Thus, choose that company that talks about YMYL content, increasing credibility, creating high-value content, etc.

Expertise & Experience

You should lookout for an SEO company that specializes in SEO rather than choosing who simply offers SEO. They should offer SEO as their primary service, and it should be their company’s main focal point.

SEO companies with 10 and 10+ years of successful business experience are the best choice for hiring. They beat their competitors with results, customer loyalty, and performance for many years.

Client Reviews

Check for both the quality and quantity of client reviews. But, keep in mind that all 5 stars reviews that are given in a short period can be flagged. This actually indicates fake reviews. A good SEO agency contains a long history of 1-2% of negative reviews. Avoid SEO agencies with below 4.5 ratings.

Success Story and Case Studies

Every SEO agency claims that they are the best and most proficient above all. But, it can’t be true; therefore, you have to check the history and background.

You can ask for their previous work examples and reports to see how they increase the website’s traffic. After that, you can search them on Google to ensure whether they rank top on Google or not. If they don’t avoid working with them.

White-Hat Practices

White hat SEO practices

Generally, SEO takes time to attain high rankings; thus, many people use black hat strategies. At first, it looks so satisfying, but Google will remove the website from the search results over time. Therefore, while choosing an agency, you have to be very careful about their methods.

Prefer those companies who use only white hat methods. Also, ask for providing a detailed report or list about what and how they will work on your website.

Working Process

Links are vital for SEO but they are not the only thing. The best SEO agencies will mention on-page optimization, link building, content, keyword research, integration strategy, user experience, ROI, page speed, loading time, etc.

Avoid those who only focus on establishing links and don’t mention the other aspects. Remember, a professional agency focuses on the big picture and overall SEO, not only the inbound links.

Tools of the Trade

It is not necessary for you to know about the tools that the SEO company uses. But, make sure that they can explain the reason behind using these tools to you is critical.

SEO companies use tools for conducting audits, tests, and many more. Thus, it is essential to explain to you the processes for performing competitor analysis, monitoring rankings and backlinks, and conducting research.

Reporting and Consultation

Find out how their typical SEO report looks like. Make sure they have a dashboard so that you can see the data anytime. An SEO company that allows seeing the progress data via a dashboard will be a reliable one.

The dashboards should regularly report or track the SEO KPIs. For example, overall organic visibility or impression, keyword rankings, organic traffic statistics, organic conversion, etc.

Client Retention Rate

Client retention rate

Client retention rates indicate how long other companies work or stick with that SEO company. When it comes to understanding the retention rates, you can convert the metrics into months or percentages.

The average client conversion rate of good SEO companies stays between 94% to 98%. That means they are capable of retaining their customers for, on average, 1.5 to 2+ years.


SEO is a continuous and long-lasting process. If you want to rank your website at the top, hiring the right SEO company will be the first step. As there are several options, finding out the worthy one is very difficult. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose a reliable SEO company.

Paying the best company to optimize your site will provide you with real gains like new customers, lead, contacts, sales, etc. Moreover, a successful SEO campaign requires a long time to open new horizons for your website. All you need to do is choose the right and effective one wisely.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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