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3 Common Workplace IT Issues and How to Troubleshoot Them

Did you know that there’s a cyber attack every 39 seconds somewhere in the world?

As the world continues to become more connected, cyberattacks are becoming more and more sophisticated.

If you’re working in IT, it’s likely that you’re faced with simper problems than this. Yet they’re likely still a cause of stress for you.

What are the most common IT issues that you could face each day and how can you overcome them? Why not follow along with our in-depth article to find out?

1. Slow Computer Performance

This is likely the most frequent complaint that IT workers hear. When an office manager is under stress and needs to complete some work quickly, there’s always some reason why the machine needs extra processing time.

Often, this is caused by too many startup programs. The user turns on the machine in the morning, but they have many programs automated to start on bootup. This means that the first few minutes, often an urgent phase, are spent opening unnecessary software in the background.

Avoid this by keeping your computer and its bootup process as skinny as possible. Uninstall or remove programs from the startup process and if possible, the machine itself.

If you suspect that the computer has a larger more serious problem, such as malware, you may need to call in professionals. Why not talk through your IT problems with a company such as CMIT Solutions? They leverage their years in the IT industry to offer a sympathetic ear and solid solutions.

2. Misplaced Passwords

We’re all becoming more educated about the value of strong passwords. Many create ones with multiple layers of complexity. Others use password generators to ensure that thieves cannot easily guess them.

However, the problem with strong passwords is that when you forget them, they’re not easy to retrieve. Remembering the capital letters and their alphanumeric characters in the correct sequence is not easy. This often leads to users calling IT departments and asking for a password reset.

This is one of the most frequent information technology issues IT departments face. However, it isn’t unsurmountable. Using password storage software is one of the main ways that workers ensure that they’re never left in front of a locked screen without a password.

3. Accidental Deletion

Another of the most frequently encountered workplace IT problems is the deletion of important files. This is so common a problem that IT troubleshooting teams generally have an emergency plan in store for times like this.

One way that IT departments can address this is by opening the recent version functionality in Windows. This means that Windows will take a copy of your files on a regular basis and store it on the server.

When you delete your files, you simply go to recent versions and retrieve the last copy that was made.

Know How to Handle the Most Common IT Issues

If you’re an office manager or IT department worker, you’re likely lookıng to avoid as many IT issues as possible in your workplace. By looking out for the issues we have discussed today, you can overcome basic issues and keep your office in full production mode.

If you’re interested in learning even more about these and similar subjects, then why not follow our blog to read more of the same?

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Shehbaz Malik
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