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6 Benefits of Living in a Luxury Apartment Building

A luxury apartment building offers so much more than meets the eye. It’s worth considering their perks and what they might mean for the way you live.

Average apartment rentals vary depending on where you live, but a rule of thumb is that all-in costs for a place in a luxury apartment building are just over three times what you would pay for a standard apartment in the same city.

So, what defines a luxury apartment, and what benefits can you expect if you rent one? We’ve picked around six things that might whet your appetite for the good life.

1. Quality Amenities

Living upscale means you’ll have the use of amenities that you don’t find in standard apartments. Luxury apartment amenities are typically divided into:

  • Community amenities
  • Apartment amenities

Community amenities typically include green space, a pristine swimming pool, covered parking, a fitness gym, a dog spa and wash service, a well-equipped fitness gym, door-to-door trash collection, and that all-important 24-hour emergency maintenance service. Depending on what unit is available, apartment amenities could include a patio and a view of the courtyard and pool.

2.  Prime Location

How to choose the right apartment, all other things being equal often boils down to location. Where the building is situated can make a huge difference in your daily commute. Check out these Apartments for rent in Riverside.

A world of nightlife possibilities opens up too when you’re close to the pulse of the city. And then there’s undeniable satisfaction of seeing slightly raised eyebrows if you reveal your address at social or corporate gatherings.

3. Space

High ceilings, more square feet to call home, large windows letting in natural light, high-end interiors, like stone countertops, designer bathrooms, and hardwood or ceramic tile floors. Living in a dignified space does your heart and soul good. Remember that smart appliances are now part of the deal too.

4. Security

Living in a luxury apartment most often means that it is a gated community with security guards. Upmarket city apartment buildings have a concierge, and entry is restricted to tenants and their trusted friends. 

5. Human and Pet Wellness

Pets are welcome, within reason. Because of this, many luxury apartment buildings have their own dog parlor for your little and not so little darlings to get all priced up.

Human wellness facilities (separate!) could include spas, saunas, massages, and facials. Often these facilities are near the fitness center. Imagine, you don’t even have to leave the building to keep fit — and pampered.

6. Maintenance and Trash Pick-up

An always-available maintenance crew will maintain and repair and fitments or equipment that are part of the apartment effectively and efficiently. That normally includes air conditioning, stoves, fridges, water heaters, and fire alarm and security alarm systems. This is a huge benefit since you only have to call one number to get something fixed.

Look for that clause in your lease agreement. It should be there for any rental in a luxury apartment building.

Make Sure You Have All Costs Covered

Before signing any rental agreement, make sure that you are aware of any additional costs and levies since these can all add up. Make sure too, that you have savings to fall back on if, for any reason, you find yourself unable to work or out of work for a couple of months.

Only move into a luxury apartment building if you can afford it. It’s that simple. If you can, well, then, you deserve to enjoy life to the fullest and live in a luxury apartment building with all the benefits and convenience that it offers.

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