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3 Tips for Digitizing Healthcare Clinics

Both private and public medical wings are doing their best to digitize as much of the healthcare process as possible. It should be easy to connect the dots and discern the fact that Covid-19 has a lot to do with this sudden rush. However, the digitization process itself has been slowly evolving the entire healthcare scene for more than a decade now. Nevertheless, the pandemic has certainly made digitizing healthcare clinics much more of a priority than before. Whether you are a medical professional yourself or someone who owns and handles the business end of their clinic, the following tips should help.

Upgrade Your HMS

If the Hospital Management System (HMS) of the clinic hasn’t been upgraded for a long time, consider doing so. If your clinic’s system is truly outdated then your business could be missing out on game changing features like 24×7 access with negligible downtime, greater data security, instant backups, seamless EHS integration, intuitive user interface, improved third-party app support, granular privacy, timesaving automation features and so much more. The only advice to keep in mind is that the price of service should not feel unreasonable in respect to your clinic’s size and scope for the time being. It’s best to go with HMS providers who have scalable plans for all their customers.

Go Digital with Your Medical Equipment and Supply Orders

Ordering medical equipment online is particularly beneficial for small to medium sized healthcare clinics. Large hospitals frequently place orders in huge bulk, while smaller healthcare clinics need to place orders much less frequently and in smaller quantities. Local wholesalers will priorities the big hospitals and their bulk orders for obvious reasons, which creates two problems for the average healthcare clinic:

  1. Their orders will be ranked lower on the wholesaler’s priority list, meaning that your orders may not even be fulfilled in time if certain supplies are in high demand.
  2. Small orders will never get the same discount as large orders, provided that the order even meets the minimum order requirement set by the wholesale vendor.

Both issues can be nullified by ordering medical equipment and supplies directly from reputable brands at

Incorporate Advanced Telemedicine Facilities and Features

Nowadays, telemedicine is less about talking with a medical professional on the phone and more about talking with them face to face on a video call. Your patients can use a phone or their computer, but the clinic itself should be professionally equipped with the latest hardware and software to support high quality video calls in perfect clarity. The difference between talking with a patient on the phone and actually watching them in real time can make a huge diagnostic difference. Psychiatrists and therapists in particular find telemedicine to be a blessing, especially due to the surrounding circumstances.

Finally, if you have not yet upgraded your clinic to support the electronic health record (EHR) system, it is about time you did so. EHRs have not only made health insurance claims easier to process, but they have also made healthcare operations transparent. With the explicit permission of the patient, their medical data can be shared with other medical professionals and connected parties for consultation, research, and other purposes, without geographical borders.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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