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How to make money with ClickBank Affiliate Program (2022)?

Want to make money with Affiliate marketing? If yes then one of the best ways of doing that is by using Clickbank. Clickbank is one of the oldest and biggest affiliate marketplaces on the web. Many affiliates make a full-time living by promoting products listed there. And you can do that too.


By reading this guide on how to make money with the Clickbank affiliate program?
Let’s kill it.

What is Clickbank?

Click bank

Clickbank in simple words is an affiliate program.

However, unlike a typical affiliate program, it acts as a marketplace for both affiliates and product owners.

You can easily join it as an affiliate choose the product you want to promote and promote it by SEO, ads, and more.

How does Click bank work?

how click bank work
Source – Authority Hacker

As I have told you that Clickbank is a marketplace connecting both affiliates and product owners.

For both of them, the working of Clickbank differs.

Let’s see both of them one by one:

1. Product marketplace for affiliates

As an affiliate marketer, the process of joining Clickbank is quite easy. You just have to sign up there and you would get instant approval.

You would get thousands of products listed there, choose which you want to promote, and promote it.

As simple as that!

You can join the Clickbank affiliate marketplace from here.

2. eCommerce platform for information product owners

As a product owner things are a bit complicated at Clickbank.

You just have to put your product in the Clickbank database and they will handle the rest of the task themself.

However, you will be charged $49.95 as a one-time activation fee which would help fraud product owners to keep away from this platform.

Along with that Clickbank charges you $1 + 7.5% of the sales, and that is why I was saying that for product owners things are tougher at Clickbank.

For this reason, many information product owners are moving to platforms like Teachable or Thinkfic as they don’t charge x% of the sales

Pros and cons of Clickbank affiliate program

Clickbank is a fantastic marketplace for affiliate marketers who are just starting.

You can simply join it and in most affiliate programs you get straight approval.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any bad things about this platform.

Here is the list of pros and cons of the Clickbank affiliate program:


  • High commission products are there
  • You just have to join this affiliate program and start promoting the products
  • A lot of affiliate products are there.
  • Many sellers give recurring commissions too


  • A lot of shitty products are listed there
  • A lot of competition is there on popular products
  • For product sellers this platform is costly

How to join the Clickbank affiliate program?

Here is a complete tutorial on how to join the Clickbank affiliate program:

Step 1 – Click here to go to the Clickbank website and after going there click on the signup button on the top.

clickbank website homepage

Step 2 – Fill in your information there and click on the join Clickbank button.

sign up at clickbank

Step 3 – After doing this you would get a popup of the free affiliate marketing courses.

You can click on the “Yes I’m interested” button to see the free course and to go to your Clickbank dashboard click on the second button.

Step 4 – After going there you have to complete your profile such as your personal details, payment information, and more.

click bank profile complete


Step 5 – At last go to the “account tab” and click on the create an account button.

clickbank account panel

After that choose affiliate from the drop-down menu, enter your nickname, and click on the signup button to make your affiliate account on Clickbank.

Dashboard clickbank

Next, go to the Clickbank dashboard, choose a product and start promoting that’s it.

How to make crazy money with…Clickbank affiliate program?

Making money with the Clickbank affiliate program is quite simple to understand but tough to make it on paper.

You can say that to make money from the Clickbank affiliate program you have to find a great product, make a sales funnel, bring traffic, optimize it from time to time, and at last if it starts giving you more money than you have invested in it then scale it up.

But to make money with Clickbank you have to put all the pieces in place to make it work.

Now let’s start the step-by-step tutorial on how you can make money with the Clickbank affiliate program.

Step 1 – Find the right products to promote

There are a bunch of products to promote on Clickbank but sadly most of them are trash.

To find the legit product from it you should know different Clickbank metrics and here are some of them:

  • Initial $/sale – Average money affiliates make per sale
  • Avg %/sale – The % of the product price affiliates take as a commission
  • Grav or Gravity – The number of affiliates that have sold this product in the past 12 weeks.

Here are some tips to find great products at Clickbank:

  • Low-cost initial offer up to 3 upsales
  • Products that have a reputation and good reviews online
  • The gravity of the product should be above 15 at least
  • Should have a video content page or sales pages as it helps in converting

Step 2 – How to drive traffic to the affiliate link

There are numerous ways to get traffic to your blog but to keep this article short and precise here are my 4 favorite ways:

  • SEO or blog content – SEO could take more time in comparison to ads but its ROI is much more than that. So, if you are less on the budget then do focus on SEO to get sales.
  • Funnel – Funnel is one of the most favorite ways of affiliate marketers to promote Clickbank. You can easily set up a funnel, bring in traffic by Google or Facebook ads, and make more sales.
  • Social media – You can also promote Clickbank products on your social media account to earn some sales. It might not be effective as SEO or funnels but can surely drive you some sales if you do it right.
  • Email marketing – Email marketing is another high ROI marketing channel that converts really well. So, if you want to get more sales of Clickbank products then start building your email list from today.

Step 3 – Ways to make money through Clickbank Affiliate Program

Here are 4 major methods you can use to drive in sales and make money with Clickbank:

  • Banners – You can add banners of the Clickbank affiliate products to your website, when someone clicks on it and buys the product from it then you would get a commission.
  • Text links – These are the links that you can embed in any text of your website, when your reader would click on it and buy from it then you would get a commission
  • Review content – I love review content. It is one of those content which can drive you a lot of sales and making it is quite easy too.
  • By making a landing page – Another awesome way to make more Clickbank sales is by making a landing page around it, running ads to drive traffic to it and when someone buys from it you would get a commission.

Step 4 – Scaling the game

Now at last if you have started getting sales on Clickbank then keep crushing until the earnings are more than your spendings.

And after that just scale it up to the next level to earn more profit.

That’s it!

Wrap it up

Making a decent income from Clickbank affiliates has become a lot tougher in recent years.

Some major reasons are the rise of bad products, the rise in affiliates, and more.

However, I can guarantee you that once you start making money from it then there is no way back.

So, keep hustling until you know the secret sauce of making money with Clickbank.


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