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3 Tips on Preparing for Online Class

Known as Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne is a bustling metropolis that is home to over five million people. It is consistently labelled as one of the most livable cities in the world due to its high-quality education system, inclusive and affordable healthcare, economic progress, and many others. Melbourne is also often dubbed as Australia’s best student city since it has several educational institutions and boasts of a fun and vibrant lifestyle.

With the current situation making it difficult to conduct traditional class settings, online learning is well underway. Transitioning to this mode of learning undoubtedly requires adjustment, especially with the changes in the environment and overall routines. As you move into the online space, you will also become more reliant on your gadgets to perform your work, so knowing where to get computer repairs in Melbourne will come in handy.

Indeed, moving to the online learning format will take time to get used to, so if you are feeling nervous about the new semester, that is absolutely natural. That said, here are a few tips that may help you prepare for online classes. Hopefully, you can pick up a thing or two from this list and try them out once your classes officially begin.

Practice Accountability

In an online class setting, it is much harder to keep track of your goals or responsibilities since you are working at home and at your own pace. However, your courses will still follow specific timelines and have deadlines for requirements, so you have to be accountable for these things. Try to organise your calendar of activities to ensure you stay updated with all the important dates, and give yourself “milestones” or goals to accomplish within a specific date. If you are struggling to get this done, you can ask a friend or family member to be your accountability partner—someone who can check in on you from time to time to ensure your progress.

Find a Study Space

Finding a comfortable workspace that allows you to work is extremely important, and one of the first things you must do. Your home will undoubtedly be filled with distractions, so the aim is to minimise them and find a spot that is conducive to learning. It can be tempting to think about working on your bed, but doing this can cause you to put off your work. Studying on your bed can prevent you from concentrating, thereby limiting productivity. Instead, it is recommended that your study area be separated from your rest or leisure area, so you can separate your work and rest time.

Since online classes will rely heavily on gadgets, make sure your study space gives you proper access to the Internet and allows you to connect your devices. With that in mind, it will also be helpful to find a place that offers computer repairs in Melbourne before the semester starts. This way, you need not worry about delaying any work if your laptop or computer suddenly runs into any issue.

Explore Different Learning Styles

No matter how long you have been studying now, the shift to online classes will be a different experience, and your previous learning habits may not be as effective. Thus, take some time to explore what learning style suits you best with the new setting. Do you work better independently or with a group? What time do you find yourself to be the most productive? While classes are underway, try to experiment and answer these questions to see what study methods will work best for you. The first few weeks will definitely be challenging, with all the adjusting required, but once you find an appropriate learning style, you can easily get into a routine.

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Shehbaz Malik
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