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5 Helpful Mobile Gaming Tips

Did you know that 90% of smartphone usage is taken up by gaming? If you’re spending that much time gaming on your phone, you should be looking to make it the best possible experience.

Not only are there ways to improve your gaming skills altogether, but you can also make it as comfortable as playing on a console. Mobile gaming accounts for 57% of all gaming revenue, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t match consoles.

Here are 5 helpful mobile gaming tips to improve your overall mobile phone game experience.

Get a Controller

Getting yourself a mobile gaming controller will allow you to take your handheld gaming to the next level, by improving the functionality of your device.

Using a controller with your phone means that you’ll be able to take advantage of the ergonomic design of console controllers. As a result, you’ll no longer be stretching your fingers across the screen to reach awkwardly placed buttons, reducing input delay times when online gaming.

Many gaming controllers have the added ability of input mapping, giving you the option to select which buttons correspond with in-game controls. Thanks to this, you can tailor your gaming experience to what controller set suits your playstyle best.

Find Your Play Style

Thanks to mobile game subscription services such as GameMine, players have access to a greater number of games than ever before.

Having this access means that you’re easily able to play a variety of video games and discover what genre suits you best.

Once you’ve determined which genre of mobile game you prefer, you can then figure out what sort of playstyle works well for you. Do your strategies tend to be balanced, or are you headstrong and brash?

Understanding this can help you to improve your overall strategies and learn from your shortcomings.

Turn Notifications Off

On average smartphone users will receive 46 push notifications a day. This can be a massive distraction while gaming.

One way to stop these notifications from hindering your gaming performance is to set your phone to do not disturb mode. Depending on your settings, this will block all notifications popping up while in-game.

As a result, you’ll be able to focus on the gaming at hand, and not worry about frustrating distractions popping up at critical times.

Improve Mobile Performance

No one likes it when games lag, it can happen at the most important in-game times and ruin your overall experience.

There are several ways you can increase your phone’s performance and fight back against lag. One of which is to free up storage space.

You can do this by deleting old and duplicate photos, as well as removing unused apps. Doing this will free up storage space and grant your phone’s OS more access to space for processing.

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light is the type of light emitted from smartphone screens. Overexposure to this light can cause harmful effects such as insomnia.

Over 69% of consumers say that they are concerned about the effects of blue light exposure. During prolonged mobile gaming sessions you should look to protect your eyes. You can do this by investing in a pair of blue light glasses.

These glasses work by blocking out the harmful light from digital screens, keeping your eyes protected and healthy while gaming.

Armed With Great Gaming Tips

After reading through this list, you should know now how to game effectively on your smartphone.

Using these 5 gaming tips, you can take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.

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Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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