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5 Secrets You Might’ve Missed In Omori

Omori is a thoughtful indie game that focuses on Omori, a young depressed boy who goes on surreal adventures. The game gained extensive attention for its remarkably unique art direction, bizarre narrative elements, and depiction of depression and anxiety.

Nevertheless, even if you’ve completed Omori, here are five secret easter eggs you might’ve missed.

The WTF Value

Undertale, there are various secrets attached to the meaning behind the “fun value,” where players receive a random number at the start, which determines the types of secret experiences they will enjoy.

On the other hand, Omori has its own unique random experience generator known as the “WTF value.” This number activates the moment the player exits the Neighbor’s room. As with Undertale, this number value determines some types of new interactions and can alter certain scenes in the game.

Humphrey, The Whale, Has Weird Things To Say

A bizarre use of the WTF value comes in about halfway through the game, where you will travel to the belly of a whale named Humphrey. Inside Humphrey, you will find several smaller Humphreys running around inside. But it gets a bit stranger than that.

You will need to complete Omori puzzles inside the laboratory of the whale, but you can also prompt the smaller Humphrey’s to blurt out the most bizarre dialogue if your WTF value is high enough.

References To Omocat’s Most Iconic Comic

Before Omocat created Omori, she first gained a substantial social media following on Tumblr for her incredible artwork. Her comic “Pretty Boy” quickly became one of her most successful works at the time, attracting a multitude of new fans as well.

The comic follows a jock who falls in love with a fellow student he previously bullied, and the two live happily ever after. In Omori, we see the pair back in high school in Faraway Town. The jock plays basketball while Pretty Boy sits on a bench.

You Can Fight A Tree

One of the first areas you’ll explore is the Vast Forest. While you will need to out-level a few enemies like evil bunnies, there isn’t a boss to defeat in this area.

However, there is a secret optional boss. On the western side of the forest, you might spot a tree standing slightly apart from the others. This tree might also turn translucent after you complete a battle with an enemy. This tree is known as The Big Strong Tree, and it’s an optional secret boss.

Even so, this boss has the highest defence level of any boss in the entire game, making it almost impossible to defeat, although you can still try.

There’s More To The Tentacles

One of the more bizarre details in Omori is the tentacles. In Headspace, tentacles emerge from small holes in the ground as a peculiar environmental detail.

But there’s more to them than that; after defeating the final boss and deciding to spare her life, you’ll notice that the tentacles are actually a part of her body. Now, you’ll receive items from the tentacles when interacting with them.

There are so many more incredible easter eggs in Omori. So, even if you have completed the game, there’s a good reason to restart your gaming laptop and play the game a second time.

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