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7 Cool Office Gadgets to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Cable tidy box

Cables are a minimalist’s sworn nemesis, so to avoid a viper’s nest of tangled wires messing up your carefully organized desk or becoming an irresistible temptation to marauding house-cats looking to select a fight, choose a cable tidy box.

Hot pad

A hot pad is another excellent way to stay warm during a freezing office. I prop it up in order that it’s sandwiched between my lower back and my desk chair. I do not care if I look crazy to my coworkers.

Wrist rest

I don’t know about you but when I’m typing, my wrist isn’t at the same height as my keyboard. A wrist rest is an easy way to fix this. It will increase the comfortability and increase your productivity.

Giant mouse pad

A giant mouse pad is a must if you’re looking to game without your mouse accidentally going off the pad. If you don’t have a mouse pad right now and want to know why you should have one, it’s simple. Your mouse glides better across your desk, allowing you to increase your accuracy in games.

Comfortable chair

A comfortable chair is probably the most important desk accessory of all time. After all, it’s where your body will reside for many hours. An expensive chair can be pricey, but it’s well worth the investment. After all, it’s going to be the thing that looks after your spine. I got an office chair that really messed up my back. So much so that I’m currently going to a chiropractor, got a blood test, and trying to get an X-ray done. Yup, it’s that serious.

Blue light filtering glasses

A 2018 survey by Acuvue, the contact lens maker, found office workers spend about 6.5 hours a day sitting in front of their computer. That’s a lot and we’re staring at our screen. This will damage our eyes. To help get rid of some of the blue light, blue light filtering glasses will help.


If you’re working in a hot temperature, it’s a smart move to get a fan. Something that will cool you down and make your work at your desk more pleasant. You’ll feel more comfortable and be more productive. Well worth the investment. And they’re not very expensive.

Desk riser

A lot of us don’t realize that we’re straining our neck when we work at our desk. This is because the monitor is not at the right height. Often, we’re just looking down. So instead of going all ghetto and using books to elevate your desk. Get a professional-looking desk riser.

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