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Facebook Dating Not Working Effective Solution

You all scroll through Facebook all day long. Facebook is the first social medial website that successfully holds the attention of 2.6 billion active users until 1st quarter of 2020. There are 1.47 billion daily active users that spend at least 1.17 hours on Facebook on average. Established in 2004, bringing the people closer to form a strong community is the core objective of Facebook. Having this objective, after Tinder a famous dating application out there, being the huge social media community on the planet, Facebook introduced Facebook Dating product in 2019. Being a new product in the public it has various flaws yet. People complain about Facebook Dating not working.

It’s currently available in the USA and some other countries of Europa, and soon will be available worldwide.

It gives social media a new boost. Facebook is no longer for just collecting Facebook page likes, comments, or shares but also about being desired.

Key Features of Facebook Dating

A question quickly comes up in mind. When there are many other dating applications, What makes Facebook Dating unique? Facebook as a whole has many cool features. Here are the key features of Facebook Dating.

  • Facebook has added dating function as an add-on to your Facebook app. It means that you can sign up for the service to use in future or can ignore
  • You have to create a completely new profile on Facebook dating with your first name
  • It will automatically pick you age from the Facebook profile
  • You can upload a maximum of nine photos
  • You have to answer a series of questions that you’ll be asked while creating an account
  • For finding suitable partners, Facebook analyzes likes from your Facebook profile
  • Once it activated It starts showing you the relevant people of your interest and preferences
  • You can directly link to the content you’ve already posted on Facebook or Instagram
  • You can share your place and date of the meeting with your trustworthy friend

Secret Crush on Facebook Dating

Secret Crush is most lovable among the folks. Other dating apps such as Tinder mainly uses your Facebook profile data. It shows you the friends of the person the photo you’re looking at. In this way you can’t keep secret from your X. Facebook is a huge community of 2.6 billion people. So, technically, there are more Facebook Dating users than the Tinder and others.

You can select the option to whom you would like to date. You can select the people outside your friends and their friends. Here in Secret Crush, you can add your friend that will be kept secrets from the others and even from them. Once in future, if your friend opted for Facebook Dating, you’ll receive a notification.

Communication and Photos Filter

People can communicate with each other by sending text messages and emojis only.  You probably got the point. You’ll not receive the secret photos of people you never asked for. Both parties are unable to share photos with each other except texts and emojis. Well, the messenger is available for such joys.

You can send a message to anyone you see on your Facebook Dating app. But if ignored on the other side, you’ll be permanently blocked for that user.

Is Facebook Dating safe?

Well as Facebook itself keeping it secret as they do not advertise for Facebook dating product. But there are the risks of data leaks. Based on the previous history with the user’s private information, you might be exposed to advertisers. Well, there are only 3% out of 2.7 billion Facebook users who signed up for dating. It’s likely that giant social media company will not do the wrong as they did in past.

There is a huge shift of users on Facebook Dating and a lot of people have complained about Facebook Dating not working. Below are the few steps that can do to fix Facebook dating not working error.

How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Working

So, Facebook dating isn’t working on your profile. Here are a few quick fixes that you can do at your own to reinstate it.

  1. Check whether your country is supported for Facebook Dating
  2. Update your Facebook app to latest version from Play store or Appstore
  3. Reset your data connection
  4. Reboot your smartphone
  5. You should uninstall the Facebook app and reinstall from the official application store
  6. Logout Facebook account and re-login

These are a few quick steps you can do to Immediately fix Facebook dating not working error. If, still the problem persists then adopt the following methods.

You can access Facebook dating app by visiting https://web.facebook.com/dating on your PC. As soon as you’re in. Click on the get started button on the screen and you’ll be directed to account creation steps.

While on Android, go to the Facebook three-bar menu. Scroll down to find the Dating option with a tiny heart icon. Taping on the icon will direct you to Facebook dating profile creation process.

You can’t create dating profile if you’re under 18 years. None of these fixes will work for you. the only thing is you have to wait until more than 18 years of age.

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