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Showbox Alternatives in 2024 Updated

So, Showbox isn’t working on your Android or iOS device. You’re unable to find the suitable working version of Showbox app. Wondering to know the best Showbox alternatives? Or, you want to watch your favourite movies and TV shows for free. Then you’re are right place. In this article, you’ll find apps like Showbox for android. The Best alternatives of Showbox that you can use to watch free movies.

You probably are much familiar with this app. There is a Showbox app little intro.

What is Showbox

Showbox is a South Korean film distribution company application founded in 1996. It’s a sub-brand of Mediaplex, Inc whose responsibilities are investment and production of movies and TV shows.

Showbox app was created for people to watch and download movies and TV shows for free straight to their Android and Jailbroken iOS devices under a movie box.

It’s a huge database of movies and TV shows. ShowBox shows the data of all the new and upcoming movies with the complete details of cast production, crew members, and trailers. Typically, app show ads to make money out of it just like other social media apps like Tiktok.

The user interface of Showbox is pretty handy. You can scroll to movies, TV shows and trailers from the main menu on the left-hand corner. While as the usual search bar is the top middle section. You can search for your desired movies for availability on the platform.

Also, there is a quick navigation menu for popular, in theatre, and upcoming contents just below the title bar.

Showbox Server error

So, you guys may notice server error message when you scroll to any option at Showbox. It became usual that noting is populating in movies section and same is the case with TV shows and others.

New releases may show up but when you click on any movie a “server error” popup box started displaying every time.

What does Server error at Showbox app means? Showbox is unable to fetch data and, technically, not working anymore, and if it works in future, it will not be the same as it was in past. So, it’s the right time to look for an alternative of Showbox for live streaming movies option.

So, I’ve done some research on it and found the best Showbox alternatives that I’d love to share with you. There are three most suitable alternatives of Showbox currently out today. These Showbox alternatives will work on all of your Android devices, Nvidia shield, Firestick, and android emulators. Unfortunately, these will not work on your iOS device.

You’ll not gonna notice any issue while scrolling around the app on all operating software you’re using. So that’s why we say these the best alternative apps of Showbox.

Detailed Review of Showbox alternatives

Bee TV

It is just been a favourite amongst many people. Once you open Bee TV app you’ll see the pretty much simple and good looking user-friendly interface. You got a menu there. When you click on the menu, you’ll find the various options like Editor choice, Movies, TV shows, HD release, Anime, calendar, Watchlist, your browsing history, collection, and app settings.

BeeTV app settings have real-debride and tracking option. Real-debride is a premium service so they will send you links. You’ll get less buffering time because you are streaming from lest congested server. This feature is great just like you were getting in the Showbox.

In discover section, you’ll get all the genera such as comedy, action, trending, reality, news, Sci-Fi & fantasy, Soap, talk, and much more…There is a date filter section where you can select year-wise collection.

As its user interface is sweet when you click on any displayed movie. You’ll be directed to its information page. Here you get the ratings, small description, watch now option, and cast and crew details.

BeeTV showbox alternative

By taping on the watch now button, BeeTV will start finding the movie content over the internet. Displays you the available movies options from where you can stream right away.

You can download the movies and videos on your Android device or Chromecast with the help of video downloader software. So, BeeTV is an awesome show box alternative that you can use on any of your media devices.

Unlock My TV apk

The next app is your favourite and I’d say a fantastic alternative to Show box. I personally grade this app as number one suitable replacement of the Showbox for watching movies and TV shows. If you’re familiar with cinema HD, then Its UI is similar to cinema HD. Technically, its clone of cinema HD app.

However, cinema HD itself is a great free movies app for android. Whereas unlock my TV is a little lower in file size and user interface is much similar to cinema HD. So, we considered it in second place rather considering cinema HD app.

UnlockMyTV autoplay showbox alternative

What differentiates Unlock My TV app from the other is when you go to the TV shows. It shows all the available seasons of particular show that you opened. Displays all the episode list and have an AutoPlay checkbox on the right corner.

If you check the AutoPlay option, Unlock My TV will automatically find the next episode of the TV Show and started playing right away.

Moreover, unlock my TV has a few additional links which are further helped them cinema HD.

It has clean UI just like others, identical menu setup, settings, real-debride and debride.

You can select the default player to play you all stream such as MX player, VLC, or any other.

Our next suitable Showbox alternative is CyberFlix.


Cyberflix the most suitable showbox alternatives

It’s a highly recommended alternative of the Showbox apk. Cyber Flix is incredible and sweet as compared to others. It’s slightly different from the other is UI. Cyberflix has various skins that you can choose from.

You can customize the outlook of cyberflix according to your desires. On the hand, it has all the same features just like Unloack my TV.

What makes CyberFlix prominent in Showbox alternatives is its update time. Let’s take the example of a TV show. Suppose an episode is released at 9 pm, you probably have to wait for 2 to 3 days for its availability on the streaming platforms. At cyberflix their updating system is super-fast. You can find the latest episodes in a few hours just after their release.

Where to Download Showbox Alternative Apps

Well, you got some decent Showbox alternatives for not stop TV shows streaming. Your next question is valid. Where to download cyberflix, how to get UnlockmyTV apk, and Bee TV for android.

You can download all these from official website file linked. The process of downloading Showbox alternative apps is simple.

  • Just go to Filelinked official website by tapping here
  • Download the Filelinked apk and install on your android device
  • Open the Filelinked app from your app drawer
  • Paste the 51829986 and click continue
  • A page of the all available tools show up
  • Here you can scroll the way down and find your desired streaming apps

Final Thoughts

So, these are the best Showbox alternatives applications that you can find suitable out there. You can get HD movies, TV shows, and IMBD like information about films. You can install these apps on all your android devices ranging from Android TV, Android smartphone, Chromecast, and on computers in Android emulators. Grab one of your favourite ones and let us know in the comment section about your experience.

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