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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 first look and New design

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is still a long way from us, but rumours are flying through the corridors. Rumours, leaks and renders: we encounter them on an almost daily basis. Today is no exception to the rule.

Ice Universe, one of the most reliable sources when it comes to Samsung products, brings us to the design of the phone for the first time. We see not only the front but also the back of the smartphone. So also, the camera system.

According to rumours specs of Samsung Galaxy Note 20+, it is packed with 4500 mAh battery capacity, trendy 108 megapixels main camera. Whereas the Galaxy Note 20 is housed with 4000 mAh and unlikely 12 megapixels main shooter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in News

It seems that Ice Universe has managed to get hold of CAD renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. These are renders used by manufacturers that produce smartphone cases. These are renders that only show a rough outline of the final design. It is still very early in the process, so you can take the news with a good grain of salt. And when you do, it is enjoyable again.

The screen edges of the renders are quite thick, but we have to take that for now. According to Ice Universe, these will be considerably thinner in the final design. We also see the hole-punch notch that we know from the previous Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones. It is a variant that is in the middle of the screen, at the top, and that we also know from the Galaxy S20 series.

At the back, we see that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is equipped with a camera island. Whether it actually has the same format as in these renders is not yet known.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series is expected to appear in August this year.

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