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Apple buying Older Movies and Series for their Platform To Beat Netflix

Apple TV + has now been live for six months with only its own content. Now they just going to take the next step in the streaming war.

Apple, Amazon, Disney, HBO and Netflix, they are all companies that hope that consumers purchase a streaming service from them. The big difference between Apple and the rest is that the iPhone maker only has its own content, while Netflix and Amazon also offer movies and series by other content creators. It ensures that the quantitative offer of Apple TV + is disappointing. Its time for Tim Cook, Apple CEO, to take action.

It’s a bit late for Apple to take such actions but they are doing right. Adding more movies, TV shows, and series to Apple TV+ will increase there revenue for sure.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is now buying older series and films for their streaming service. So, it will be interesting what titles Apple will buy and what consequences this has for the offer on other services. It may be easier for the company to just take over a film studio like Sony Pictures.

Since February, 10 million people have registered for Apple TV +. Only half of those people actively use the series. That’s a big difference from Disney that started around the same time. The company now has more than 50 million users. Netflix is even over 180 million.

Earlier Tim Cook said something else

It represents a major change for the company. Earlier, Tim Cook said that content recycling is not something for the iPhone maker. “It’s about original programming. It doesn’t feel right for Apple to retransmit something that already exists.”

Apple TV + at the moment

Apple currently has just under 30 original films and series. Series like Mythic QuestSee and Defending Jacob score good reviews, but have not yet been discovered by the general public. At $ 4.99, it’s cheaper than most streaming services, but they offer as described above is very limited. Customers can expand their offer with Starz Play but pay extra for this.

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