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Ninebot Segway ES4 review: Does It Worth $799.99

Wondering to know the honest user experience of Segway ES4? What is the price of Segway ES4 in the USA and other countries? Or you want to know the best user experience regarding this. Then you’re at the right place. In this short article, we will let you about the Segway ES4 review.

Segway Inc. started its journey on July 27, 1999. It manufactures two-wheeled personal vehicles in America. Later in 2015, it was acquired by Chinese company Ninebot. The company manufacture the electric scooter series ES1, ES2, ES3, and ES4 for single-manned use in warehouses and outdoors on plane surfaces. You can enjoy the cool breeze while driving the Segway Ninebot ES4 at light speeds.

This Segway electric scooter 4 is based on 1-month personal experience. So, you’ll know the key features, unboxing Segway ES4, and usage tips. So, let’s get started.

Price of Segway ES4 and Where to Buy One

As a storekeeper, it’s the most suitable option for you to take a ride on the Segway ES series scooter and look after your warehouse efficiently. The Segway Electric scooter, also known as Segway KickScooter, is readily available in the USA at prominent departmental stores, on Segway stores, and on your favourite Amazon.

Before Segway ES4 review, you must know what it costs? The price chart varies as per its versions, and you can buy Segway ES1 second-gen for $439.99 directly from the official geek store. Whereas, the Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway ES4 will cost you $799.99 there.

Ninebot segway Electric scooter price price

You can find the best discount deals on Amazon as per your geographical location.

Technical Specifications of Ninebot Segway ES4

It’s way upgraded than its predecessors with maximum external battery capacity, speed limits, weight-bearing capacity, and much more.

  • The maximum speed you can get from Segway ES4 is 18.6mph
  • The maximum range that you can get in miles is 28miles
  • Battery capacity 374Wh, which is higher than Segway ES2 edition with 184Wh battery capacity
  • The net weight of Segway ES4 is 30.8 pounds as compared to ES2 at 27 lbs
  • There are two batteries in ES4. One external and one attached. It takes 7 hours to fully charge the Segway ES4 battery.
  • The power output that these batteries can provide: Nominal Power 300 W / Max. Power 800 W
  • for safety, the Segway ES4 is equipped with a headlight as well as a rear brake light
  • Max incline of Segway is 15 degree which is 50% higher than its little brother ES2
  • All Ninebot Segway Kickscooters is only available in Dark Gray colour
ninedot segway es4 review

Ninebot Segway ES4 review

As far you unbox the Segway ES4, you’ll get a charger, scooter, some book work such as user manual, few tools for assembling, and the separate handlebar.

You unfold the scooter and attach the handlebar with the help of Allen head screws and the Allen key that you’ll find inside the box.

out of the box segway es4

Attach the handle cable to its socket. It is quick attachment connect, so, don’t worry about it.

Nest thing is to charge the device. It takes 7 hours to 100% charge. The charging percentage can be seen up above the dashboard display.

Design and Speed of Segway ES4

It’s nicely compact and eco-friendly when you use it, unfold the scooter and open up with the help of handle. It’s ready to drive.

The speed control button is placed on the right side, as usual. While the electrical brake button is on the left. You get a mechanical brake system on the rear wheel that you’ll press with your feet to stop the scooter immediately. The external battery pack is attached with the main scooter stick up-front.

The main visual difference you may notice on the Segway ES4 is the external battery compared to Segway ES2.  The external battery extends its speed. You’ll get 5 km/h more speed than ES2, which is 30km/h.

There are three different modes on this scooter. Standard one with an additional two more modes.

Standard Mode 1: It takes your Segway ES4 electric scooter up to 15Km/h, 9.3 mph

Mode 2: In this mode, you’ll get 30km/h of speed, but speed gradually increases. However, it saves more battery than the 3rd mode.

Mode 3: It’s a speed mode and it accelerates up to 30km/h

I personally like mode 3 because it’s way speedy and get you the goal faster. Well, if want to save battery then the standard speed mode is the best choice.

The footrest sides are equipped with some lights that you can configure from Segway Phone app. These lights will glow in the night time that looks pretty awesome.

A headlight is attached on the upper front of the stick facing forward that you can use at night for better visuals.

There is a cover on front-wheel because it has a drive motor that drives the scooter. This cover protects the motor from water and dust. While rear-wheel is blank with a rim. The footrest has a stand just like conventional bicycles.

You can easily fold the scooter with a button available at the hinge point which wasn’t found in earlier versions.

Yeah, it doesn’t smoke.

How much Segway ES4 Brake system is reliable

Well its natural phenomena, while driving a bicycle you apply the front brake. You feel jerk to your upper body leaning to the front. Same you can feel on the Segway ES4. During our Segway ES4 review and testing, it was found that the electrical brake system is not much reliable as compared to the conventional one. Once you’re in the speed mode and you press the electric brake, it gives you a jerk because it stops the front wheel. You might get a stop way beyond your desired point with this.

While the conventional brake on the rear wheel is super reliable. You’ll quickly stop the vehicle at your desired point without any issue. Just like riding a bicycle, you can stop easily without any jerk to your upper body. So, I think the rear brake of Ninebot kickscooter ES4 is a convenient option.

Does it worth $799.99 Price

Well, desire has no limits. If you afford one then its super choice for the pedestrian. Moreover, you can buy one for your employee to take care of your huge warehouse. If you have lot’s money in your pocket and try out something different then go for it.

You should check the user reviews before spending your hard-earned money on every product you buy online.

Final Thoughts

However, it is the best product for pedestrians, but it’s not high-quality build as per price point. Spending 800$ on a single scooter is not a wise option though. You can buy top quality mountain bikes in this price range that will let you climb on the hills keeping you fit and healthy.

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