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A Private Jet Owner’s Guide to Aircraft Hangars

If you’re among the most exclusive 8000-10,000 people worldwide who own private jets, congratulations. Even most multimillionaires can’t afford the awesome comfort and luxury that it provides.

However, private jet ownership requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep as well as storage. That’s where aircraft hangars come in. Read on to learn what hangars are, why they’re important, and how much they cost.

What Are Aircraft Hangars?

If you’re new to private jet rental or ownership, you likely are wondering what exactly a hangar is. This term refers to a place that you store your jet during periods that you aren’t accessing it.

Most people choose a hangar at an airport that they frequently depart from and return to. This makes sense- someone who consistently flies out of NYC shouldn’t hangar their plate at Boston Logan airport.

Why Are They Important?

Private jet hangar facilities are important because they’re the primary location that your plane will remain at. They’re also where you’ll have maintenance performed. This service, for example, will fuel up and maintain your private jet at the location where it sits.

A hangar is critical for practical reasons as well.

You can’t store a plane in your backyard or a random parking garage. You also need it to be indoors so it isn’t exposed to the elements. Hangars also make your jet more accessible to you assuming that you pay for a space in a location that you often depart from.

Buying vs Rental

Some people who fly their jets multiple times a month will choose to invest in an aircraft hangar for sale. Unlike an aircraft hangar for rent, these facilities allow you exclusive long-term access to a single location. It will belong to you and can be purchased at a single up-front price.

Similar to property rental, aircraft hangar rental rates can go up and down over time. The space doesn’t belong to you and you will consistently need to pay a rental fee for the hangar. You can be told to leave and there will be restrictions on what you can do. It isn’t your property.

What Does a Common Aircraft Hangar Cost?

On average, a hangar costs about $15-$25 per square foot of storage space. However, the cost of an aircraft hangar depends on its location.

Hangars at large, central airports tend to have higher up-front costs. If you choose to dock your private jet at a regional location, you won’t need to pay as much off the bat.

However, the actual costs of flying will be much higher. One of the biggest hidden costs is that you’ll need to position it over to the major airport each time you’re flying so that you can begin your journey. You also will need to fly it back to the hangar after the trip.

Store Your Jet Properly Today

Now that you know all about aircraft hangars and how to properly store your private jet, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘travel’ tab on our home page for some destination ideas that you can get to in comfort and luxury.

Here, you’ll find lots of awesome articles about getting around and showing off how classy you are, so what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

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