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Everything You Should Know About Airplane Simulation

Imagine you are a newbie pilot. You are currently flying a tiny 172, and you want to work up to the imposing Boeing jets.

How do you train? When you fly, you have people’s lives in hand. How do you make sure there is no room for error?

After all, though there might be automatic piloting, there is no automatic pilot like in the movie Airplane. When something goes amiss, it is all up to you and your decision-making.

Airplane simulation, in that case, is of utmost importance.

Why Use Airplane Simulation

An airplane flight simulator can train you for every scenario. Some scenarios are rare enough to experience in the air. You would not want to experience them regularly, but you would want to know what to do if they do happen.

In that case, you need to try a flight simulator.

Flight simulation can be both fun and extremely realistic. Technology has made it so that simulators are high quality, immersive, and intuitive to use. For example, read on here to find out a hyper-specific simulation that has been implemented.

When you are training as a pilot, you can even log simulator hours as total training time (though you cannot log it in total flight time).

More About Airplane Simulators

Pretty much anything that can be done in the real world can be done with a simulator. These days, they are not that costly, so they are a great investment to practice with.

One of the most attractive benefits of using an airplane simulator is that you can fly any plane you want, wherever you want in the world. If you are trying to make a career out of flying, there is no tool more valuable.

The software can even let you feel the procedural differences between flying a Cessna and a Diamond.

What Can You Do With a Simulator

Aside from getting used to the flight simulator controls, there are other things you can master with the help of these sophisticated programs.

You can learn radio communication with VATSIM. You can learn many procedural steps and aircraft systems through Flight Simulator.

There are also different modes of flying you can do. You can jet across the oceans Concordes or participate in aerobatics. You can also pretend to fly as a military pilot or to pilot for an air freight company.


These days, you can also fly in VR. Younger pilots who grew up with first-person shooter video games learn differently than an older generation of pilots.

Starting flight students on a high-fidelity virtual reality flight simulator will captivate their interest. It is important to use up-to-date hardware and software for this, or else their interest will quickly wane.

Virtual reality can reduce training costs for flight schools as well. As technology improves, they will only become more realistic and customizable to each pilot.

Consider Flight Simulators Today

Airplane simulation is an invaluable and fun tool. The entire world is available for you to explore and fly in any mode you want. If flying is your passion, you will definitely want to try it out.

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