Adventure Travelling in Car With Friends


Expecting after the end of the Covid-19, free souls are planning for a long journey, to explore new breathtaking beautiful hilly areas. Every person on the planet wants entertainment, but adventurous guys like to do something different, and they enjoy that!, Hilly areas are all around the world, they are much famous for their fascinating views, greenery, waterfalls, lakes, etc.

If you ask guys, “are you ready for a long trip”?  they will say “yes” with not a sec delay.

Hold on! Before you go, Experts recommend the key tips for a long trip, to make it a remarkable memory. It’s about you and your trip, safety, car, hilly area driving techniques, night traveling, important stuff which should be with you and all-important points are going to be discussed!


  1. My horse is ready!

Road trip in the car will fascinate you, but is your car ready to perform it well? Your car should be fully functional and active. Follow the points, you will cover it on a day and can go on a long journey with friends,

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Get my horse ready!
  • Check your car’s tire conditions. (If they aren’t good to replace with a new one)
  • Wheel balancing and a wheel alignment should be checked.
  • Take a spare serviceable tire with you.
  • Axle and C.V joints condition should be verified.
  • Remove all tires and check front and rear brake leathers and brake disc drums.
  • All-wheel barring should not be giving noise by rotating them. If they make noise, replace them.
  • The snow chain should be in your car.
  • Check condition and level of engine oil, gear oil, brake oil, Hydraulic, and radiator coolant.
  • Engine Foundations should be check.
  • A towing cable should be in your vehicle.
  • All belts should be in good condition like water body belt, generator belt, air-conditioner belt, timing belt, etc.
  • Your car headlights should be aligned and power full.
  1. Where is your jet pack?

Lovely scenes and breathtaking views are ready to kidnap you, but guys; you should be ready to face all types of consequences and situations. Adventure is the second name of risk. If you are ready to discover, keep these items, you will overcome all situations.

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My jet pack, My journeys’s lifeline
  • You should know how to use Google Maps.
  • Download the offline map “Sygic” on your smartphone.
  • Mark your road trip and mark gas stations, marts, ATM, Hotels, and restaurants.
  • The flashlight should be in your car.
  • A car puncture tire kit is essential.
  • Car spare fuses and wheel nuts.
  • Spare water bottles.
  • A 5-liter petrol gallon.
  • A portable tire inflator. 
  1. Expert’s Driving techniques.

There is a big difference between the city and long-distance driving. It may seem easy to drive on the highway but it is more serious than you thought. Driving at night is a particularly dangerous practice, especially on high-speed highways. Although you will enjoy driving in the mountains, if you don’t act carefully and smartly, then that’s the most dangerous and deadly danger.

Follow an expert’s tips for safe travel,

A. Basis Long driving techniques
  • Your view from the windscreen should be 120˚.
  • Keep a keen eye on link roads.
  • Check the car’s tire pressure, it should within the limit.
  • Always put on the seat belt and request all to do so.
  • Side view mirror should be aligned with the back view that you may observe and use efficiently.
  • Music is good during driving, but in low volume, that you should be able to listen to what is happening around your car.
  • You should be in your appropriate lane. Change your lane but use side mirrors and indicators.
  • You should know who is coming behind you, and at what speed.
  • Speed thrills but kills, your speed should be within the limit as suggested by the highway authorities.
  • Rough driving has a threat to life, so drive carefully.
B. Night driving techniques

An expert saying is famous that “you are responsible for 4 tires a day but only 2 tires in night driving”. Technically, night driving seems easy, but it’s difficult. Here are some advisories for night fighters,

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Night fighters love to drive at night.
  • Don’t use high beams while crossing any vehicle.
  • Be sure of your speed and your control over the vehicle.
  • Never listen to the same music; it should be frequently changed from rap to hip-hop to pop.
  • Washing your face, eyes with cold water may help you at night.
  • The guy sitting in the front seat with you, should not get sleep, and he should be busy in gossip with you.
  • If you feel sleep’s jerk or tiredness, don’t drive even a single mile, lower your car from the road, and take rest at least for 3 hours.
C. Hilly area driving techniques

Everybody loves the mountain, sceneries, waterfalls, climbing, and landing roads. You should be extra careful while driving in hilly areas because your one mistake will lead you to fatal damage.

Be safe and enjoy your life, follow me for driving in hill areas,

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A beautiful road with deadly risk!
  • Avoid speeding on hilly roads.
  • You shouldn’t take a “blind cross”.(Don’t cross a vehicle on a sharp turn on the mountain road because you don’t know who is coming from the front)
  • At night use a dipper and at day, use the horn, while approaching a blind turn. (Sharp sudden turn)
  • Always use the smallest gear on descending while driving.
  • Ascending small gear with lighter acceleration is recommended.
  • Keep your eye on the heat scale while driving.

Wish you best of luck,

Keep sharing views, about your experience after implementing our blog on your road trip.

Live long, stay happy, and have fun!


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