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Athena Vs Meditech- which EHR to go with?

If you’re looking for an EHR for your practice, try Athena or Meditech. To help you choose the best option, this article will analyze both opportunities in detail.

Athena Vs Meditech- An overview

For medical practices, Athena EHR is a well-known EHR option that is easy to use and reasonably priced. The program allows you to work more efficiently in the clinic and provide your patients with better treatment.

Athenahealth EHR will also perform a fantastic job handling your administrative and financial responsibilities with the aid of Practice Management and Medical billing software.

Athena EHR’s cloud-based practice management software allows patients complete access, manages claims and clearinghouses, and keeps payers informed. Patient engagement, population health management, medical billing, revenue cycle management, Epocrates, and other educational apps are just a few additional services Athenahealth.

According to various medical experts, Meditech is one of the most widely used hospital EMR systems. It aids healthcare facilities in running their routine operations. Additionally, medical practices of all sizes and specialties can streamline their processes using medical practice management software.

With Meditech EHR, scheduling, managing finances, and charting are simplified. The application also helps businesses manage at-home patient responsibilities, medicine orders, appointment scheduling, bill payment, and document management.

Let’s Check the Features of Athena Vs Meditech

Athena EHR Features

  • Patient Portal

The online patient portal provided by Athena Medical software can help patients and their attending physicians. Patients can, for instance, make appointments, examine the results of their tests, request prescription refills, and review their medical histories. Additionally, patients have access to live customer service representatives who can help them with any problems they might be experiencing.

  • Appointment schedule

The site lets doctors communicate with their patients automatically and claim the Athena EHR reviews. These messages could include everything from appointment reminders to requests for more information. As a result, users with vital insights can better interact with patients at the right time and via the best channel.

  • Athena Mobile App

The utility of the AthenaOne mobile app is regularly mentioned in Athena EMR evaluations. The program gives users access to a feature-rich mobile application. Users can read each patient’s medical history summaries and browse their medical records. An adaptive learning system offers suggestions for how to make things better. The app also shows every critical piece of information, like upcoming appointments and unpaid obligations.

  • Interoperability

With the Athenahealth EHR, practitioners may deliver integrated care. For instance, Care quality and Commonwell make it easier for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to share patient information. As a result, you can see a patient’s medical history, including the clinics and practitioners they’ve seen. Furthermore, a medical facility’s data is always current because it is connected to the charts of specific patients. In general, these shared resources enable people to make plans.

  • Telehealth

The most valuable part of the Athena medical software system, in our opinion, is telehealth. A patient can receive assistance from a practitioner wherever they are by virtual conference. In addition, you can offer free medical consultations in addition to the patient portal. Due to the Pandemic and unexpected lockdown, this functionality is essential.

Features of the Meditech EHR

  • Revenue Cycle Management:

If your business is independent or small, revenue cycle management is essential. The capabilities of Meditech EHR Software allow you to always keep a check on your finances. Additionally, a method to analyze financial performance is critical for small independent practices to determine where they need to grow and whether there is cause for concern. Keeping track of all the money that enters and leaves your practice makes it simpler to document everything and more accessible to grow financially.

  • Telehealth:

Recent Meditech EHR reviews claim that the software’s telehealth functionality is a crucial element. For instance, because of Covid-19 and the ensuing shutdown, several medical facilities lost patients and incurred financial losses. The Meditech Telehealth function, on the other hand, enables you to plan online patient consultations and virtual video conferencing, and it is now available to medical practices. In addition, you can digitally schedule consultations for your patients to attend from the comfort of their homes using telehealth technologies.

  • Patient Portal:

The patient portal, which enables you to connect with your patients directly, is another crucial element of Meditech EHR Software, according to Meditech EHR reviews. The portal allows patients to view their lab test results, book appointments, and access their medical information. In addition, on this webpage, they can also pay their bills.

  • Data Security

Data security is one of the top priorities when using an online software program. Users of MediTech EHR can conduct business without worrying about their safety. Online techniques for safeguarding communications, information, reports, lab results, and patient data are generally more dependable and draw more users.

  • Management of time:

The tool eliminates the requirement for in-person presence by allowing patients to arrange appointments and communicate with their doctors via an internet channel or interface. Additionally, records of staff arrival and departure, patient visits, etc., can be kept for future use.

  • Clinical Documentation:

Clinical health forms are essential since they frequently inform the patient of the surgery you plan to conduct, gather information about their health, and secure their consent. Patients can now obtain consent forms digitally, read them at their convenience, and electronically sign them, thanks to Meditech software.

Price Comparison Athena Vs Meditech

All the essentials clinicians want are in Meditech, including practice management tools, telehealth features, billing tools, e-prescription tools, patient portal tools, scheduling tools, and reporting dashboard tools. In addition, it can offer insights through flexible analytics dashboards with clinical and financial data for administrative activities. Finally, the system can streamline collection procedures and enhance reimbursement potential to keep your firm successful. But unlike its rivals, Meditech doesn’t offer a free version or trial. This is undoubtedly a disadvantage for providers that want to test out the solution before committing to a paying subscription.

On request, Meditech Electronic Health Records will provide accurate pricing information (they do not make it available to the public). The starting pricing for Athenahealth is $140 per provider/month, which is less expensive than the typical price of medical software.

Compared to Athenahealth, Meditech’s EHR is more expensive to implement (TCO). However, compared to Meditech EHR, Athenahealth provides its consumers with more functionality. If you like this article please read demo Vs QuickBase demo: Which is worth your dime?

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