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DMZ Smuggling Tunnels Location Guide

Season 02 introduced many additional missions to the DMZ. Among them is the White Lotus Tier 2 mission called Smuggling Tunnels. This mission includes finding new smuggling tunnels, installing tactical cameras, and evacuating Al Mazra. Here’s where to find the smuggling tunnels in Warzone 2 ‘s DMZ, as we aim to equip our readers with the most accurate and useful insights, in terms of providing valuable content to the gaming community.

Understanding the White Lotus Mission

This mission has three main objectives: find the smuggling tunnels, place tactical cameras watching the two entrances, and extract everything in one deployment.

The exciting and challenging quest is uncovering and infiltrating a network of smuggling tunnels located in the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone). These tunnels play a crucial role in the game and successfully locating them is essential for advancing and completing your objectives. Below we will guide you through a step-by-step guide on how to find DMZ smuggling tunnels.

Where to Find Smuggling Tunnels

The first step to completing the Smuggler’s Tunnels quest is to find where the smugglers’ tunnels are. You can find the Smuggling Tunnels in the fortress that spawns west of Al-Mazra town and north of the Zarqa Hydroelectric Plant. Unlike most fortresses, this is a static spawn, which means it will always spawn in every lobby.

There are several entrances to the Smuggler’s Tunnels, located off the beaten track. They can be hard to find, but we’ve marked two of them on the map above.

Smuggling Tunnels location
Smuggling Tunnels Location

For the first entrance (indicated by the number 1), go to the area marked with a red circle and you should come across several gates that have been blown up. It’s hard to miss them as the only noteworthy thing here other than the open desert.

For the second entrance, go to the second red circle and you should find a well between the walls. You can parachute down the well or use a rope to descend.
When you are at any of the tunnel entrances, you will mark the first objective of the mission. Now go inside and clear the tunnels as much as you can. If you haven’t brought tactical cameras with you, you can find them here if you’re scouring the area.

For the second objective, you will need to use the cameras to watch the two entrances. To do this, place cameras right at the entrance to the tunnel and make sure they look at the entrance itself. If you do it wrong, you won’t be able to take them back. Repeat for the second entry and that second goal will be completed.

How to Complete the Smuggling Tunnels Mission

Once you’ve found and accessed the smuggling tunnels, the next step in this DMZ mission is to “place tactical cameras watching two entrances in one deployment.” The Tactical Camera is a field upgrade that allows you to observe an area without being physically there. Then search the smuggling tunnels for a second entry point. Once you find the second entry point, place the second tactical camera in front of it. Getting two tactical cameras on your own can be tricky, so it’s best to do it with at least one teammate. Once the tactical cameras are in place, now you can go to any extraction point and get out safely, completing the mission and giving you your rewards.

Unveil the Secrets

As you progress deeper into the tunnels, you’ll come across hidden chambers, and storage areas, and perhaps even encounter rival factions guarding their illicit goods. Stay focused, explore every nook and cranny, and be prepared for surprises. The White Lotus mission holds secrets waiting to be uncovered, and it is your job to unveil them.

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Final Words

The White Lotus mission in Call of Duty provides an exhilarating experience of exploring and locating the DMZ smuggling tunnels. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll significantly increase your chances of outranking other players and accomplishing your mission. Remember to gather intel, locate entry points, utilize gadgets, navigate the tunnels cautiously, and unveil the secrets hidden within. Best of luck in your White Lotus mission!

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