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Expedited Shipping Services: Get Your Packages Delivered Faster!

Some online shoppers want their products to be delivered as quickly as possible. That is why many stores offer two-day, next-day, and same-day delivery options. Therefore, people running e-commerce platforms should consider expedited shipping options to win customers who need their products delivered fast. Since expedited shipping is relatively new, some small business owners need to learn more about this option. So what does expedite shipping entail? How fast is it? This article seeks to answer these questions and explain everything eCommerce business owners and clients need to know to make informed shipping decisions.

What Is Expedited Shipping?

This shipping option prioritizes certain goods that need to move from point A to point B in less time than usual. Since the outcome of the expedited shipping is relative to the usual shipping time, a client might wonder what should be considered the usual shipping time. Generally, how fast the expedited goods reach the client depends on many variables, including the products being shipped, the delivery company, and the destination.

Standard shipping might take months, weeks, or days, depending on the distance and mode of transport. It might include international shipments by air or ocean, domestic land transportation, and last-mile bicycle delivery. Therefore, expedited shipping services may take hours, days, weeks, or months but are faster than conventional delivery services.

What Determines the Delivery Time During Expedited Shipping

Distance and the mode of transport are the primary factors determining how long the expedited shipment will take to get to the consumer. If a freight shipment from one city to another takes about 20 days, an expedited shipping service can take 15 days. Shipping goods from one location to another within the United States might take four to eight days, so a shipping option that takes three or fewer days is expedited. However, clients should distinguish between expedited and express shipping. Although both options seek to deliver goods in less than usual, express shipping usually means two-day or next-day delivery, which is quicker.

Standard Vs. Expedited Shipping

The primary difference between the two delivery options is the speed and delivery time. For example, vehicles with expedited shipments rarely stop along the way. In ocean shipping, the cargo may be transported directly to the destination without transitioning at the regular points. During land transportation, trucks make fewer stops for pickups, if any, from the start to the end. With this understanding, the definition of expedited shipping might vary from one shipping company to another based on their standards and expectations.

Overnight Vs. Expedited Shipping

Overnight shipping is also called one-day delivery or next-day delivery. It refers to shipments that take 24 hours to reach the destination. Companies offering overnight shipping often collect packages before 6 pm, allowing workers to load them into trucks and transport them to reach the consumers the next day. On the other hand, expedited shipping means the package is delivered faster than the standard delivery. Sometimes overnight and expedited shipping might mean the same depending on the shipping distance.  

Is Expedited Shipping Worth It?

If a package must reach the consumer quickly, expedited shipping is a great option. Due to the extra shipping cost, consider this service only when necessary, especially when dealing with perishables such as food and flowers, birthday or wedding gifts, emergency supplies, and sensitive legal documents.

Shipping is a critical part of running an eCommerce business. Therefore, business owners and clients must understand the available shipping options to choose the right delivery speed. Those who need packages delivered on time should consider expedited shipping or other fast delivery options.

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