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Explore Popular Instagram Handles for Hollywood Movie Buffs 

Intellectuals believe that films are a true reflection of society. They are instrumental in transforming the way you view the world. True movie buffs who are passionate about films, do not consider films to be merely a source of fun and entertainment. They often treat movies as a getaway from the worries and realities of life. Movies often act as therapy for people who have a passion for films. Here are some Instagram handles for movie enthusiasts for celebrating their adulation for Hollywood movies. People who have a passion and obsession for movies would love to delve deeper inside everything related to film-making. They would be fascinated by behind-the-scenes footage or interviews relating to the making of a new film. Instagram handles for Hollywood movie buffs help in enriching your overall understanding of a movie and its production process.

As per, millions of fans across the world are used to watching the Academy Awards and Golden Globes telecasts. We know that abundant adoration and adulation are directed at Hollywood film personalities. People are excited and they wait in anticipation regarding what their favorite stars would be saying, who they are accompanied by, and what they are wearing for the grand awards night.

Instagram Accounts for Movie Aficionados 

History of Cinema

If you are in a mood for rediscovering classic films and your favorite scenes from such movies, you may browse through this Instagram handle. You may enjoy some rare and precious behind-the-scenes glimpses from some of the popular and iconic movie moments. A magical mix of candid stills, videos, hilarious memes, and fascinating facts! This account is meant for all movie buffs interested to get a sneak peek into the world of movies.

Color Palette Cinema

This popular Instagram handle identifies aesthetically appealing frames from some incredibly striking films and it demonstrates the broad spectrum of colors that went into making them. It is quite natural for the public to miss finer details and an incredible amount of work involved in producing these shots. This popular Instagram handle has been designed to attract your attention to precisely that. It could prove to be a great reference point for promising young filmmakers seeking guidance to fine-tune their films. This incredibly impressive feed would be adding an element of seriousness to your everyday scroll and may end up motivating you to undertake a trip to the famous Farrow & Ball since it features epochal movie stills that are broken down effectively into Pantone color palette.

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Accidentally Wes Anderson is slightly more light-hearted and as the name seems to suggest, this popular Instagram handle is a brilliant compilation of pictures of real places or locations that look as if they are straight out of the sets of a Wes Anderson movie. The symmetry, architecture, and vibrant tones would be taking you back to the typical look of the contemporary auteur’s cinema. Wes Anderson is regarded as a popular cult cinema icon having an entire page that flaunts some real-life scenes which look as though they have been taken from one of Wes Anderson’s movies. There are numerous free Instagram followers of Accidentally Wes Anderson. In this context, you must know that you could buy 50 likes on Instagram by contacting a digital marketing company you could trust.

Script to Screen

This Instagram account’s bio includes the famous Hitchcock quote “To make a great film you need three things: the script, the script & the script.” This is a fantastic Instagram handle for movie lovers. They have strategically juxtaposed footage from evergreen movies with corresponding text taken from their original scripts. Hence, this handle could prove to be fruitful in providing critical insights into the movie-production process; how ideas are generated and translated to screen from the text, and ways how talented actors go about improvising dialogues making sure that the essence of the original text is not lost but very much preserved.

As their name seems to suggest, have been identifying and using some of the most popular and impressive quotes and dialogues from popular and hit movies of all times. However, these lines may not always happen to be the most popular or memorable highlights. They could be some simple moments that end up making you remember the film and evoke the same feelings that you had experienced while watching the movie the very first time.


Andrea David is a well-known travel blogger. Her trips are usually inspired by television series and films. For more than a decade now, Andrea has been traveling to numerous locations that have been associated with some outstanding movies. Once she is successful in tracking the location, she would be holding up a picture of the frame while matching it with the precise filming location. It is a taxing job; however, it surely pays off in the end. Right from Star Wars to the Game of Throne, just in case, the location or filming spot is still there, she will successfully find it.

Cinema Magic

Cinema Magic seems like a love letter to movies. This Instagram handle has been designed to celebrate some of the evergreen and superlative films of all time. It showcases some of the heartwarming scenes from popular Hollywood films. Moreover, this Instagram handle is quite popular for providing some quirky facts that you could use for impressing your guests at the upcoming Christmas dinner party.


The above-discussed Instagram handles are just right for cinema lovers. If you are passionate about Hollywood, you may browse through these accounts to feel ecstatic.

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