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Romantic Things to do in Pensacola, FL

Pensacola should be on your list for your next beach vacation. Offering stunning coast, an array of retail options, dining opportunities galore, and plenty of outdoor activities, this Florida city is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Whether you are in town for a weekend or extended vacation, you’ll be sure to have a memorable vacation with your significant other.

Getting Ready for Pensacola Vacation

For those of you lucky enough to live in Florida, a road trip is a great way to spend some time with your loved one and explore some more of the state on your way to Pensacola. This might also be a good option if you live in a bordering state not far from your final destination. If you live further away, you’ll probably need to book a flight to Pensacola Airport.

This is the case for international travellers who are coming from an overseas destination. That being said, it might not be possible for you to fly directly to Pensacola, in which case you will probably have a stopover at one of the bigger international airports in the USA. You can find a suitable ride option all around here:

Wherever you enter the USA, you will need to pass through border control. Ensure that you have obtained all of the necessary paperwork; otherwise, you may be denied entry into the country or even denied boarding your initial flight. For some people, preparing for your trip will include getting an ESTA. This is an electronic pre-screening that assesses your eligibility to enter the USA, although note that this method is only available to the residents of certain countries. Other people will need to secure a traditional visa. Getting to know the visa requirements of different countries has become easier these days, thanks to sites like

An ESTA application is made online, and you will be able to check your status via the portal to monitor whether you have ESTA denied. It is strongly recommended that you apply for your ESTA early so that you can resolve any issues without stress. Please keep all of your paperwork on hand so that you can present it at the airport when requested.

Is Pensacola safe?

Like all cities, Pensacola does experience a crime level; however, this tends to be targetted at properties. This means that it is a relatively safe place for tourists to visit, and many people do without a problem. Pensacola is not the most dangerous city in Florida and makes for a great romantic vacation. As with all travel, it is essential to practice common sense to ensure your safety. Avoid walking in unknown areas at night and get a taxi instead.

Pensacola Landmarks

To make your romantic trip special, consider adding some of these landmarks to your itinerary. Pensacola offers a range of attractions, so there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes and interests.

Pensacola Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a Pensacola icon and worth a visit for the epic views, as long as you can brave all the stairs to get to the top! There’s even a small gift shop at the bottom with souvenirs to commemorate your trip.

Perdido Key State Park

To enjoy the stunning outdoor landscape of Pensacola, head to Perdido Key State Park. You can laze on the white sand beach, go surfing, try your hand at fishing, or even camp if you want to do an extended stay.

Fort Barrancas

Pensacola has a strong military history, and Fort Barrancas is the perfect place to learn about it. Small tours are offered if you would like a guide to show you around the site and museum.

Pensacola Date Ideas

There’s no shortage of date options in Pensacola, whatever you are looking for. We’ve put together some of our favourite Pensacola date ideas to inspire you.

Sam’s Fun City

The first date option is all about fun. Sam’s Fun City has go-karts, put-put golf, and various rides that are perfect for an entertaining date night.

Pensacola Bay

For something more relaxed and incredibly romantic, head to Pensacola Bay. Make it a night to remember by taking a picnic and heading there at sunset to snuggle up as the sun goes down.

Pensacola Museum of Art

The art enthusiasts will appreciate a date at the Pensacola Museum of Art. Once a jail, this building has now been converted to house a range of fine art exhibitions.

Restaurants Near Pensacola Bay Center

Restaurants are also an excellent choice for a date. You can go for a long lunch or a cosy dinner – the options are endless.

Carraba’s Italian Grill

This Italian restaurant also has an on-site bar if you are looking to have a drink before dinner or even a nightcap. Enjoy high-quality food in a relaxed, cosy setting.

The Arragon Cafe

For a more casual date, head to The Arragon Cafe. It’s free breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an extensive menu that includes standard breakfast dishes and BBQ.

Restaurant Iron

This stylish restaurant screams date night. With elegant decor, a creative menu with Southern dishes, and a long cocktail list, it’s hard to look past Restaurant Iron for a night out.

Best Bars in Pensacola

If you and your partner are headed out for some drinks, consider one of the following places.

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub

It’s hard to go wrong with an Irish pub, and O’Reiley’s pub does not disappoint. The place is always thriving, providing pool tables, a patio, and good vibes.

The Wine Bar on Palafox

This relaxed wine bar is a great place for date night. Sip on a range of vintage drops as you chat the night away.

Seville Quarter

For the couples looking for a big night, head to Seville Quarter. You can start slow with drinks in the main bar before dancing the night away in the on-site club. There’s also a dining venue if you want to grab a bite to eat.

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