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What do you need to know about Isola Bella?

Another day, another perfect place to put on your vacation go-to list.

Today, we will tell you about one of the most charming hidden little places in Italy — Isola Bella also called the Pearl of the Ionian Sea. We’re convinced you should experience just 5 things to fall in love with it…irreversibly.

1. Get to know the Isola Bella beach.

First of all, the most prominent gem of the island in our opinion – the Isola Bella’s beach. We promise that’s not just a typical beach, and when you see it for yourself, you’ll be flabbergasted.  Known for the presence of crystal clear waters, the island is also surrounded by underwater caves which are amazing to see and even more amazing to explore in detail. The coastline contains plenty of caves and formations of great geological value and beauty.

2. Try snorkeling

The presence of the caves can give a one-of-a-kind experience of snorkeling with the greatest visibility due to clear waters. Seeing the underwater worlds could be a truly rewarding experience: there are a lot of submerged pieces of art near Isola Bella, which end up being a true underwater museum. Yes, literally. And no, that is not a joke!

3. Experience the nature reserve

If for some reason you’re not a fan of snorkeling, there are a few options of guided tours on boats and kayaks with amazing guides which will help you to dig into the story of the island to see and discover its cultural heritage.

4. See the gardens

The gardens here are an exquisite collection of the Sicilian flora, but not only that. You will also find a lot of exotic plants from all over the world. The sightseeing from the gardens is also picturesque: you may admire the coastline, the Ionian Sea, and the neighboring town Taormina.

5. And simply enjoy your day in Isola Bella

You might also consider renting a water motorbike and riding it across the area to admire this Taorminian jewel from all points of view. Know, that this is possible and there is such a service, available in summer. But, if you want to be fully immersed in the beauty of the Italian coastal landscapes during your stay in the nearest areas, consider booking a room in the most suggestive luxury hotel in Taormina.

Have we convinced you to visit this fantastic place as soon as possible? In this case, here we share some ways to best get to the destination.

By walking:

Isola Bella is easily reachable from Taormina’s downtown. Take the cable car along Via Pirandello up to Mazzarò and, once arrive at the destination, walk for approximately 200 meters on the right. Alternatively, for those who prefer to only walk, you can cross Via Pirandello on foot and hike up to the “Isola Bella” viewpoint. After that just choose the route that takes you straight to the entrance to Isola Bella.

By car:

If you are in Taormina, follow the directions to the coastal area, where Isola Bella is located. Typically, you’ll need to drive downhill toward the coastline. The most common route is taking the SS114 road running along the eastern coast of Sicily. You’ll likely be driving southward if you’re coming from Taormina. Once you are in the vicinity of the Isola Bella area, follow signs or directions to the specific parking areas available for visitors to Isola Bella.

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