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Guide on How to Track Your Packages Sent to India From Canada

In today’s interconnected world, sending and receiving packages internationally has become a common practice. Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, knowing the whereabouts of your packages is crucial. If you’re sending or expecting a package from Canada to India, it’s essential to understand the logistics and tracking options available to ensure a smooth delivery process.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of tracking courier to India from Canada, including courier services, tracking methods, and key considerations.

Choosing the Right Courier Service

Selecting the appropriate courier service is the first step in ensuring reliable package tracking. Different courier companies have varying services, pricing, and tracking capabilities. Here are some renowned courier services for international shipping from Canada to India:

Canada Post

Canada Post offers a variety of international shipping options and tracking services. Their online platform allows you to track your package, and they often provide tracking numbers for reference.


FedEx is a reputable courier service with a strong presence in both Canada and India. They offer door-to-door shipping and a reliable tracking system.


United Parcel Service (UPS) is another reliable option for international shipping. They provide detailed tracking information on their website.


DHL is known for its international shipping expertise. They offer quick and efficient delivery services to India and provide robust tracking options.

International Courier Services

You can also consider specialized international courier services that have expertise in shipping to India. These companies may offer competitive rates and tailored tracking solutions.

Obtaining a Tracking Number

Once you’ve chosen a courier service, you’ll receive a tracking number or reference code associated with your package. A tracking number is provided to track your shipment route progress easily via an online medium provided by the company. Keep the tracking number safe, as you’ll need it to check the status of your package.

Shipping Confirmation

After booking your shipment with the courier service, you will typically receive a shipping confirmation email. This email will contain the tracking number, along with other essential details such as the estimated delivery date and package weight.

Physical Receipt

If you visit a courier’s office or a shipping center in person, you may receive a physical receipt that includes the tracking number. Ensure you retain it for future reference.

Tracking Your Package

Tracking your package from Canada to India is a straightforward process. Most courier services offer online tracking tools that allow you to check the status of your shipment at any time. Here’s how to track your package:

Online Tracking Portals

Visit the courier service’s official website. Look for the “Track & Trace” or “Track Shipment” option. You’ll be prompted to enter your tracking number or reference code. Once entered, you’ll receive detailed information about the package’s journey, including its current location and expected delivery date.

Mobile Apps

Many courier services offer mobile apps that allow you to track your package on your smartphone or tablet. Download the app, log in enter your tracking number, and access real-time information.


Some courier services provide tracking notifications via email or SMS. You can set up notifications to receive updates on your package’s status, including when it’s out for delivery or if there are any delays.

Customer Service

If you encounter issues with online tracking or have specific questions about your shipment, contact the courier service’s customer service team. They can assist you in tracking your package and provide updates.

Understanding Tracking Status Updates

To effectively track your package, you must understand the various tracking status updates provided by the courier service. These updates will give you insights into the package’s journey from Canada to India. Here are some common tracking status updates:

Order Placed

This status signifies that the courier service has received your package and is preparing it for shipment.

In Transit

Your package is on the move, either within Canada or during its international journey to India. This status often includes details about the package’s current location and the estimated delivery date.

Customs Clearance

As your package enters India, it may go through customs clearance. This process involves the inspection and assessment of the package’s contents. Be patient, as customs clearance can take some time.

Out for Delivery

The package is in India and is en route to its final destination. This is the stage where you can expect delivery to your address.


The courier service has successfully delivered your package to its intended recipient. Make sure to verify the delivery address and recipient name for accuracy.


If there are any issues with the delivery, such as an address problem, customs hold, or other complications, the status may be marked as an exception. In such cases, contact the courier service for assistance.

Key Considerations and Tips

  • Customs Regulations: Be aware of the customs regulations in India to avoid delays or issues with your package. Some items may be restricted or subject to duties and taxes. Check with the courier service for guidance on customs documentation.
  • Tracking Frequency: While it’s natural to be anxious about your package’s status, avoid obsessively checking the tracking information. Tracking updates may not occur in real time, and constant checks can lead to frustration.
  • Delivery Times: Keep in mind the time difference between Canada and India when expecting your package. The courier service will provide an estimated delivery date, but it may take into account time zone differences.
  • Secure Delivery Address: Ensure that the delivery address provided to the courier service is accurate and secure. You can also leave delivery instructions to guide the courier on where to leave the package if you’re not available.
  • Contact Customer Service: If you encounter any issues or have questions about your package’s status, don’t hesitate to contact the courier service’s customer service team. They can provide assistance and updates.


Tracking your packages couriered to India from Canada is essential for peace of mind and ensuring a smooth delivery experience. By selecting the right courier service, obtaining a tracking number, and utilizing the tracking methods available, you can stay informed about your package’s journey every step of the way. Remember to be patient during customs clearance and, if needed, seek assistance from the courier service’s customer support. With the right knowledge and tools, international shipping can be a stress-free process, and your packages will reach their destination in India with ease.

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