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Factors to Keep in Mind While Running PPC for Small Businesses

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an effective way of generating more leads for your business. In this lead generation method, the advertiser pays a certain amount of money whenever his ads get clicked; this helps in attracting traffic. PPC has proven to be beneficial for big as well as small businesses.

Small businesses are usually overtaken by their bigger counterparts or rivals. If your small business is planning to expand, you must try using PPC to generate more leads. It is simple to use and you don’t need to be an expert for using it. PPC can be quite expensive, but by following the right strategies, you can easily avail the facility and also accommodate it in your budget. You can also hire a professional PPC agency for assistance.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind while running PPC for small businesses.

Keyword Research

Small businesses should do proper keyword research and choose keywords that are of high relevance but has low competition. Use relevant keyword tools and filter the relevant data. Avoid over-hoarding keywords; instead, use them smartly. Try to use appropriate keywords in the headline.

You must also note that the cost of keywords might vary in different areas. So, check out the cost in your area. The relevancy of keywords matters a lot; otherwise, you won’t be getting conversions. You might be attracting the wrong customers. If the budget is low, you can set the maximum value for CPC (Cost-per-Click). If you have a sufficient budget to hire a PPC agency like Megethos, you can take their help in budgeting and including all the right features and tools for ads.

Engaging and Working Ads

If the ads are boring, no one would like to view them. This will limit the number of clicks and won’t help you in increasing leads for your business. For getting more clicks, make your ads unique and captivating. Any leading website design company such as would also have a PPC team to help you with these ads. 

The ads should be precise and convey your thoughts easily. You can add other details as well in your ads like the facilities that you provide or the benefits users can gain. You can get an idea by referring to the ads of your competitors or other ads available online. Your ads should have URLs and must follow the word limits. Try to trigger the emotional aspect of people and show them the importance.


Budget is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to PPC advertising for small businesses. As a startup or small business, you are likely to be short of funds to spend on ads. Set a daily or weekly budget and plan PPC accordingly. Alternatively, you can use tools provided by Google or any other software that set a fixed amount of money daily and after the amount gets exhausted, they automatically pause the ads for that day. They can provide the estimated cost for designing and then you can fix the budget accordingly. Work at your own pace; don’t hurry without having any plan.

Awareness of Click Frauds

Click frauds are one of the common problems of PPC. It is one of the unhealthy practices used by competitors for affecting other businesses. In this kind of fraud, the competitor purposely clicks your ads. By doing this, your money is spent on ads, but you don’t get any business or leads in return. They do this on a daily or weekly basis to affect your budget and business. For protecting yourself from such malpractices, it is recommended to consult a PPC agency that can help you by providing suitable solutions or software. Generally, this software is built in such a way that they detect false clicks and block them from clicking further.

Learning and understanding of PPC is not difficult. It is one of the easiest ways of attracting business. Even if you have a small business and less money to spend on, you can make the most out of it. Things might take time with PPC, but ultimately you can get what you deserve.

Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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