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Good reasons to outsource your company’s IT services

Good reasons to outsource your company’s IT services. In today’s high-tech world, companies are coming to rely. More and more on their IT services for everything from simple emails to Big Data analysis. Powered by increasingly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems.

In business terms, tech and, in particular, the internet has revolutionized commerce to the point it’s now almost impossible to think of a company that doesn’t rely on it to at least some degree. From e-commerce-enabled websites to apps and video conferencing, IT powers modern business, opening a world of new opportunities and streamlining operations.

The value of data

Data surrounds us in both our personal and work lives. So much so that, these days, it’s becoming increasingly hard to differentiate between the real and virtual worlds. Indeed, data has become such a prevalent part of life that industry analysts now believe it has become the most valuable commodity in the world – even more valuable than traditional heavy-hitters like gold or oil.

Historically, integrating with IT was too expensive for many companies

In the not-so-distant past, companies that integrated with technology were forced to run expensive, complex in-house server units to power their networks. More often than not, this also meant employing a full-time IT specialist to guarantee uptime and perform maintenance duties. Combined, these two costs were often prohibitively high – particularly for Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) – resulting in smaller firms either missing out on the benefits of IT integration or, in some cases, taking chances with poorly-protected, unfit-for-purpose networks.

Data, your company and your options

Fast forward to today and, as tech has improved, specifically, fiber connection and mobile data speeds have increased exponentially, an entirely new IT industry has emerged. These improvements in tech have given rise to remote storage, processing and networking – often referred to under the blanket title of “the cloud”.

Expert IT service providers can now supply companies big and small with professional IT platforms covering everything from security to storage and management solutions. The advantages of partnering your company with one of these third-party are numerous, including:

  • Enhanced network security and back-up solutions: Good reasons to outsource your company’s IT services. Most business owners now cite cybercrime and hacking as the number one risk their companies face. In days of old, it was the responsibility of each individual firm to try and protect. Themselves from hackers (an almost impossible task since new threats emerge daily). With an IT company, you can rest easy that your network is being. Monitored and protected every minute of every day. And, should the worst happen. Your provider will be able to reinstall a back-up of your data.
  • Tailored services for your company: All businesses are different and will require different IT solutions. An expert firm will take a full audit of your current network. Then offer bespoke solutions, built specifically for your firm.
  • Scalability: Companies are in a constant state of flux and your. IT requirements will likely increase and decrease over time. With a service provider, scaling your system up or down is as easy as flicking. A switch in your back-end management console or making a quick email request to your support team.
  • 24/7/365 support: No network is 100% secure, but it’s reassuring to know. If something does go wrong, you’ll have access to always-available support.
Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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