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Google Pixel 4a: Will it be Another Budget Smartphone

It seems like are aligning for the Google Pixel 4a launch coming later this month. Because of that the Pixel could be the most successful pixel phone ever made.

Here’s why!

For those of you living under a rock for the past two months, there’s a global pandemic. In between these terrifying uncertainties and the huge loss of jobs over the past little bit. it’s nothing to surprise that fewer people want to spend thousands of dollars on a single smartphone.

Well, this thing isn’t in the favour of flagship smartphone manufacturers, because flagship, you know, what costs these days.

People want cheap phones, especially in global crises these days. Who knows what will happen next?

It gets better now that One Plus has raised the prices of its products too because One plus 8 is not going to be an option for people looking sweet deals in the Android space.

700$ vs 300$ potentially that’s already comparison you can already make anymore. That thing is crucial for Google now because at least One Plus are out of the way in that segment of the market.

The recent Apple iPhone SE 2 in 2020 is the Apple remake of the iPhone 8 hit the smartphone mid-range market in iPhone space.

It’s the only choice for Apple fans who need a budget iPhone in this decade. The say 399$ iPhone SE is the best choice for people who can’t afford Apple flagships with similar specs. The 4.7-inch LCD with A13 bionic powerhouse is a superb choice smartphone in 2020. Hey, but you’ll miss the 3 elegant camera set-ups in iPhone 11 pro. Yeah, saving is another comprise!

Apple played their part effectively in this pandemic and now its Google’s turn to shift the necks towards them.

If Google pixel 4a priced around the same is Google’s answer to the iPhone SE. It’s the iPhone’s direct competition.

Google online stores give it a leg up in this situation on Samsung and Apple. The Samsung and Apple physical stores are closed these days. It’s harder to make more sales. Whereas Google from day one has always focused his efforts on its online stores.

There are Google’s reputation and prestige. if a lesser-known brand produced a Pixel 4a clone, it likely wouldn’t do as well, because wouldn’t have that aura around it that Google has.

Google reputation is crucial to Pixel 4a success. Well if the cameras of the Pixel 4a is similar to the Pixel 4 then automatically becomes the best budget camera phone in the US and global market.

The Google Pixel 3a earned great reviews for Google last year in the camera department. And in 2020, it should be Google’s keen interest to refine and upgrade the camera system and internal on the Google pixel 4a.

There is so much potential here because so many smartphones especially flagships are becoming pricey. It lets this kind of more mid-range more sensibly priced smartphone stand out from the crowd and with Google time shine with the Pixel 4a.

All eyes are on Google to make something truly great this year.

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Shehbaz Malik
Shehbaz Malik
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