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Geek Store: Everything You need to Know About

When Governments all around the globe are shutting down the local markets and physical geek store. Grocery marts are closed, electronic stores are shut down, and the pandemic is at hype. People are forced to manage their merchandise on their own. Govt officials are stick to rule of law penalizing the defaulters.

In such critical situations all around the online geek, stores are doing a great job. While sitting at home in a lockdown situation you can buy tech geek products at your doorstep with those online geek stores.

According to statistics, there is a 15% increase in mobile e-commerce sales in 2016 and it will be 73% in 1st quarter of 2021.

Netflix is playing its part effectively. Online movies subscription is raised drastically. You can order new iPhone SE 2 directly at Apple store while sitting at home. Isn’t that crazy.

In below few minutes read you’ll be able to know what is a geek store? How you can find desired products at the online geek store?

What is a Geek Store?

A geek store is an online website where you can order and buy your favourite movies, TV shows, gaming stuff, comic books, and much more. They will deliver you all the cool stuff straight to your door!

Ranging from gaming stuff to T-shirt, air pods and headphone, gaming consoles, smartphones, high tech cameras, baby toys, and even smartphones are available next to your door with the help of these online geek websites.

These geek stores offer best customer support services, product description with images, user reviews, products user feedback ratings, and secure payment gateways for check out.

You can get best relative discount deals compared to the physical stores. It’s past now when people have negative views regarding online shopping experience. Online shopping websites have developed a strong quality control system to provide their customers with the best services.

Online Shopping Trends in Geek Stores

According to Statista, online shopping in 2020 has been increased so far. It is predicted to hit 4 trillion USD in 2020 and is growing. There is a huge shift of around 300 million people expected to shop online till 2023. It is 91% of the total US population. Total of 69% American have shopped online and almost 25% of Americans shop online once per month. There 47% of new people that bought products on Amazon. This number is not just increasing in the US but in all other countries of the world.

It’s only because of online shopping platform are mature these days. There is reliable customer support, a strong quality management system, and refund policies if anything bad happens.

Let’s share some personal experience. I ordered a pair of Levis jeans a few days back on an online shopping store. After a week the order was delivered with only one jean pent and charged for it. I contacted customer support right away after accepting the order. They told me that at quality checkpoint one of our product was found with minor nicks so we decided not to ship a faulty product. It’s our strict policy to check the quality of the product before the shipping process. Isn’t that cool!

Top Geek stores Online

So, you are looking to by an Xbox and PlayStation to spend a joyful Covid-19 lockdown and wondering to find a geek store near me. We at Techlobsters has shortlisted some prominent geek stores where you can buy geek products.

Wish Geek Store

You should know each geek shop is pretty much similar to an online shopping website. You may have to create an account to browse available products. At Wish, you need to create an account. It’s way simple to create an account at Wish Geek store by sign-up with Gmail, Facebook, and email. Once your account is successfully created you can browse products of your choice.

They often offer a 50% discount on their enlisted products just like in Covid-19 pandemic you can buy hand sanitizers and face masks on almost 70% discounts.

You can earn cash backs, referral rewards, bounce by making purchase regularly. Wish ship their products all around the world with 30 days return policy.

Geek Store US

Here at us.geekstore.com offer 365 days return policy. They ship products in the UK and USA and all around the globe except few countries like Russia. Here you can buy T-shirts from various geek gaming brands. Orders are delivered in 1-3 business days. You can buy home products, kitchen wear, mugs, hue lights, and various décor door mates.


ThinkGeek founded on August 13, 1999, is one of the most popular geek stores in the USA. They provide customers with state of the art unique and authentic things for geek products fans. ThinkGeek Shop is equipped with home and office decor products, electronics ranging from for apparel, gadgets, outdoor and survival gear, tree climbing gear, collectables, and much more.


The Thisiswhyimbroke is famous for gifts and presentation ideas. You can buy gifts for your loved ones. With awesome 20$ gifts deal you can grab plenty of unique gifts for Mother’s Day. Surprisingly you can also buy a gift for your beloved pets. Thisiswhyimbroke enlisted the gifts in various categories to ease their user to find the best possible things.

If you have some creativity and build gift products then you can also register your products and sell on a platform to earn income. You will have to register an account, enter the product name, description and photo of your creativity. You can earn a permanent spot if your product is approved.


Two passionate gamers named Sean Gailey and Tim Norris started The Jinx San Diego in 1999. The Jinx has 120 days refund policy upon their selected products. It is a clothing brand that sells apparel clothing products such as Hoddies, socks, footwear, pants, and gaming T-shirts. They are partnered with Minecraft, Microsoft, PUBG, and other famous gaming nerds.

How to Build an Online Geek Store

Well, it’s really simple. You have a physical geek and nerd products store. You sell gaming stuff like Nintendo Pac-man, Atari, Pokémon logo shirts, comic T-shirts, cartoon movies, baby toys and cars.

Simply buy and register a domain name on the online domain registrar. You can easily get a domain name from GoDaddy, Whois, Namecheap, and HostGator etc. Get a hosting plan from Bluehost or you can get from your domain registrars.

Install a content management system on your domain and integrate WooCommerce. Build a user-friendly layout of your products. Do proper categorization of your geek stuff that you offer and timely run promotions.

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