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14 HD Movies Download Sites with No Registration

Watching movies in HD formats was a nightmare before the evolution of online streaming platforms. You might have bought VCR cassettes and VCR players to watch HD prints in the old-school days. Still, technological advancements digitalized the industry, and digital video replaced those cassettes with online platforms in the shape of streaming websites. But most streaming platforms do not offer HD movie downloads, and you end up with low buffering speeds and poor-quality videos. The geek has researched and collected the best HD movie download sites where you can download your favourite movies and web series to watch them later in your leisure time.

Everyone is a fan of watching movies. The movies often depict sometimes our own stories or someone around us. Imaginations create fiction, and those fictions come true sooner or later in our lives or after that.

Movies are merely available to download on legal platforms except for watching them online, but there is a solution to everything. So here is the list of the top 14 HD movie download websites where you can download and watch HD movies offline.

Movies Streaming Sites

  • Netflix India
  • Eros Now
  • JioCinema
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • iTunes
  • JioCinema
  • HDfriday
  • Einthusan
  • Bmovies.VIP

However, streaming is excellent, but often, you want to watch movies on your trips to hill stations in remote areas where the internet is slow and you cannot stream. You can download HD movies and watch them offline on your portable media device (stream locally) with poor internet speeds or non-availability.

You search online to look for downloading the movies but end up with illegal stuff with no positive outcomes. But the team at Tech Lobsters has made a valuable and legal discovery of options available online that can be trusted to download HD movies online.

Top HD Movies Download Websites

Einthusan – Indian HD Movies Download

You can download HD Indian movies legally on Einthusan. The best part is that no registration is required to do so. Well, what you are waiting for is to open the Einthusan and start streaming your favorite movies. Downloading is possible, too, but with IDM on the PC version.

You can register to explore premium options but free are sufficient for legends. The legends try many ways to save, and Einthusan can be their best choice.

I recently visited the website and downloaded Tejas 2023 Hindi movie successfully using IDM, and the downloading went fine. So, it’s a thoroughly tested and working method. Various categories range from Kannada and Marathi movies to Tamil, Hindi, South Indian Movies, and more. Yes, Punjabis can also find their relevant stuff to enjoy. Ads are sometimes annoying, but the services they offer for free are remarkable.


  • Free movies are available to stream and download.
  • No registration is needed to watch movies.
  • 4000+ movies to choose from and constant updates for newer stuff.


  • Too many ads that may distract
  • Not all movies are accessible without registration.
  • The player seems old school with laggy streaming speeds.

Eros Now

It is an Indian Movie streaming platform that offers various of the latest blockbuster Indian movies. Eros Now’s Android, iOS, and Windows availability makes it unique. The application can be installed on vintage Android, so you do not need a newer Android smartphone.

You can watch Indian movie trailers on Eros Now’s official YouTube channel. According to Wiki, Eros Now has been providing video-on-demand services in India and worldwide since 2012 and has beaten its competitor. It is a subsidiary of and controlled by Eros Digital Media company. There is no language barrier for users because multilanguage features make it user-friendly worldwide.


  • Full-length movies
  • Famous Indian movie platform
  • You can download movies within the app.
  • You can rent and demand movies.


  • Registration required.
  • Expensive than the few companies that offer similar services at cheaper rates.
  • The download is only possible within the app.


If you want to try a completely free and no-registration site for HD movie downloads, then 123MKV could be your reasonable choice. The navigation menu is simple. You can download Diver’s movie content here in MKV HD format and later enjoy your weekend at the beach in a remote area.

It is the best place for Hindi movies downloading. Additionally, English movies and web series are honorary mentions. No registration is required. Just open the website and navigate to the content. Pagination is available for streamlined navigation. The Movies are filtered yearly for a year-of-release feature.


  • No registration is required.
  • Downloading is easy.
  • Good Hindi movie collection
  • Hindi Dubbed movies are available for Hindi movie lovers like me.


  • To many ads
  • Most of the movies are in DVD SCR format.
  • Redirection to another site for downloading.


The joint venture of Voot and JioCinema is beneficial for the user. You can stream an extensive collection of Indian HD movies and download them immediately. The JioCinema gives sports content that is their prominent category. Additionally, you can download HD movies of vibrant Indian communities, such as Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, and South Indian movies, easily.

You need to create an account, and the procedure is super easy. The JioCinema application is available for mobile users both on Android and iOS.


  • Sports content available, such as IPL matches
  • UHD resolution movies
  • Huge collection that constantly gets updates


  • Hefty ads that may be annoying for some
  • You need a VPN sometimes to access many countries.

Visit JioCinema

Bmovies.VIP – No registration HD movies Download

Bmovies. VIP is another fair choice for free streaming and downloading HD movies online. Registration-free alternative that provides you with free Indian movies and TV shows. Bmovies is a good video content provider, but they do not care about copyrights. So, it would be best if you were careful while accessing their content. Most of the movies are hosted on external links that may be pirated.

Not all movies and TV shows are copyright-protected and legal to stream and download with IDM. There is a vast collection of TV shows you can search through the search bar provided at the top left corner of the website.


  • You can search through the search bar and find the movies.
  • No registration is needed for streaming or downloading.
  • Better content filtration


  • Pop-up ads opening new browser windows are annoying.
  • Content quality variations
  • No latest movies
  • Copyrighted content that may infringe the rules.

Visit Bmovies.VIP — Streaming and Downloading Movies is Easy with IDM

It is like BMovies. VIP, but it is worth mentioning that hosts many web series that are not available on many sites for free. It would help if you made some compromises as it contains similar pop-up ads like Bmovies.

But the content is the king. I downloaded many movies and TV shows from HindiLinks4u using IDM, and they work fine.

It would help if you used such websites to watch public-domain movies without copyright issues.

Yes, you can download Hindi Movies directly from the link below the player.


  • Huge collection of Hindi movies free
  • The download option is available on-site.
  • No registration is needed.


  • A lot of Pop-up ads
  • Content hosted from external links that may violate copyright laws.
  • Downloading speeds are low.



It is a beast in the streaming industry and one of the best choices for all kinds of movie lovers. Netflix provides you with 4K video resolution depending upon the variety of subscription plans.

The core feature of Netflix is multilanguage support and subtitles in different languages which makes it unique from other movie streaming platforms. You can create multiple profiles and monitor your children’s activity know what they are watching, and present them what they should watch.

You can download your favourite HD movies and web series in the app to watch them later offline. You can resume your movie where you left off, download it in HD format, and create a profile for your selective TV shows. The “Available for Download” category on Netflix makes it easy for you to download the best-trending movies in the audience.

The contents are segmented into multiple categories: sci-fi, action, anime, drama, horror, Hollywood, crime, documentaries, fantasy, comedy, thrillers, etc. It provides better navigation and ease in finding your favourites.


  • 4K HD movie format to enjoy.
  • Movies and TV shows in one place
  • Trusted streaming platform.
  • Multiple translations of Movies are available.
  • One place for Hollywood and Bollywood movies


  • 4K resolution is only available for costly plans.
  • You can download only within the app and not transfer to other devices.
  • Downloads expire with the plan expiry.
  • You need registration and must attach a payment method to continue services.

Prime Video by Amazon for HD Movies Download

Amazon Prime Video is like Netflix but with a vast and different collection. You can find Bollywood collection and Indian Stand-up comedy by Zakir Khan. The videos are in HD format and are available for 48 hours after downloading. It works for all rented and purchased movies.

Prime Video is best known for Bollywood trending HD movies; almost every new release is readily available. This app is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Android TV. The plans are flexible and affordable, so you can easily choose what best fits in your pocket.

Downloading is super easy; pressing the download button within the player without missing any frame.


  • HD movies download platform.
  • Trusted vendor in the streaming industry
  • Downloads are available on up to 4 devices.
  • Separate category for downloadable


  • The expiration period for download is limited.
  • In-app purchases and downloads only
  • Not all the movies are downloadable.
  • Registration needed.


When discussing HD movie download websites, how can we forget the authority of YouTube? YouTube is a significant search engine after Google, and millions of video content are uploaded daily. Downloading movies with YouTube is easy and free. You can download complete playlists of Dramas using IDM.

4k resolution is free of charge and easy on YouTube. You cannot find it on any other platform. People can subscribe to their favourite channels, so they get notified in case of newer uploads. IDM is the best choice to download videos from YouTube on PCs but there are many alternatives to IDM. As a premium user, movies can be purchased and saved in your collection on YouTube.

Moreover, you can choose premium plans on YouTube to access prime-time shows and the latest movies, skipping the annoying ads. Keeping it simple, downloading on YouTube is super easy. The device memory will be your on-the-go media hub. The downloads can be transferred to other media devices, and you can enjoy offline movies during your mountain camping season.


  • Large library of content
  • You can subscribe to your favourite channels.
  • 4k video streaming on 4k supported media.
  • It was easy to download movies with IDM.
  • Free of cost for normal users
  • You can comment and like your favourites.


  • Not all movies are available.
  • Too many Ads for free users
  • No multilanguage support for free users
  • In-app downloads expire in 30 days, and you must download them again.

Public Domain Movie

The Public Domain Movie is one of your best sources to download HD movies without worrying about fake content. Thanks to its legitimacy, they only provide free movies not protected by copyright laws. proves itself a good choice for free movie lovers with its services. was created with the concept of public domain movies that do not have any copyrights. Similarly, the word Public in the website name suggests the same.

If you visit their official website, you may find movies segregated into different categories for better navigation. You can find movies with genres separated into Feature Films, Comedy, Drama and romance, Science Fiction and horror, and Cartoons.

When you navigate to any movie page, you’ll see a year of release, synopsis, crew caste, and movie play box which you can stream online and download immediately.

The downside of PublicDomainMovie is that they show annoying ads sometimes, but the stream is fluent, and ads aren’t displayed during streaming. You can stream the movie for an overview and picture quality before downloading it. Later, you can download and enjoy the movies in your leisure time.


  • No registration required for downloading HD movies.
  • Multiple genres are available.
  • The movie downloading is seamless.
  • You do not need to pay or buy a subscription.


  • Old movies collection
  • The website contains ads.
  • Poor navigation as no search option


The PublicDomainReview website is almost like PublicDomainMovie. It has a matching movie collection with the same genres and context. The movie collection is more extensive, with no ads. But it has a strong reason not to be skipped in this list. It shows less or no ads in movie movie-watching experience, making it unique in this category.

You can search for the movies on this website and download them from the bottom. The movie page contains detailed information about the movie. You can download complete movies and short films from the 20th century.

A streaming option is also available to get an overview of the movie content for better decisions on downloading it. You can access the PublicDomainReview straight from the below link.


  • No or fewer ads.
  • You search and find the movie with keywords.
  • Better content segregation


  • Old movie collection
  • Low collection of movies
  • Sometimes, download links won’t work.
  • No recent updates

Internet Archive

It is a giant library on the internet that houses web archives, videos, audio, software, Text, and various content collections. I can write lengthy articles on the Internet Archive, but since you are finding a way to download HD movies. So, I shall stick to the main topic instead of telling you about other features of the Internet archive.

You can navigate and search for your favourite movies and stream them right away at the Internet archive. The filtering option allows you to refine your search results. The internet archive has many movies on multiple topics, dates, and times and movies of different languages and genres.

The two sites have limited opportunities to download movies, so you should focus on Internet archives instead. The Internet Archive is free, with a considerable listing and ads free HD movie download platform.


  • Huge library of movies
  • Simple filtering makes it easy for users to find movies.
  • No registration is required to download movies.
  • Movies streaming is easy.
  • Ads free platform


  • No newer collection
  • Categorizing is tricky and uneasy.


Disney+ has no competition in this industry regarding cartoons and movies for children. Partnered with Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star Disney Plus is the best place for a hundred per cent legal content. After leaving Apple briefly, Steve Jobs created a cartoon content company, Pixar, that provided diverse content for children and soon became famous in this category.

Disney+ is the best choice to download HD movies legally. Downloading movies from Disney+ is simple and easy with one click of a download button.

However, the download option is only available for Trio Premium or Legacy Disney Bundle subscribers, which seems costly.


  • The algorithm automatically suggests similar movies.
  • Movies can be synced on 10 different devices.
  • HD resolution


  • No download option for Basic Plan subscriber
  • Downloads are removed after 30 days.
  • Not all the movies are available to download.


Apple, the cappuccino company, manufactures iPhones and provides content to its customers via Apple TV, Apple TV+, iTunes, and iTunes Music.

There is an excellent chance to download purchased movies and TV shows on iTunes by clicking the download button. You can watch movies on iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Macs without issue.

Various TV shows, documentaries, Short Films, Apple originals, Reginal Indian movies, and more are legally available to stream and download for pro users.


  • No ads at all
  • HDR full 4k resolution
  • Vibrant categories of contents
  • Ahead of its competitors in videography content
  • Apple services have a reputation.


  • You must purchase movies to download them.
  • Download only on Apple devices.

Final Thoughts

Downloading movies is an easy way to eliminate the slow internet in remote areas. You can transfer your downloads across multiple devices and save them in pen drives. Sharing is caring; you can share movies with other fellows. The sites mentioned above are tested, and movies are downloaded practically to verify their geniality. So, these sites can be blindly trusted for downloading HD movies and TV shows. The team have done good web research to find those trusted movie sites for you. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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