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Snapchat Dark Mode: How to Activate SnapChat Dark Mode on iPhone

Apple introduced Night Shift back in 2019 to provide eye protection to its users. The dark mode takes a huge shift and is trending on every mobile application these days. Ranging from Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram. Smartphone companies are providing native dark mode features in software updates. Software updates enable the dark mode on all built-in apps few from other vendors. Snapchat is a social media messaging app widely used by youngsters yet lack dark mode support. Here you’ll learn how to enable Snapchat dark mode?

As you will come to know later in this article, there is a lot more to this dark mode than just looks and design color change. Let’s learn what dark mode is and how we can use it for Snapchat.


Snapchat graded as Teen on Play Store is a social media messaging app. Being one of the trending social media messaging applications, with over 230 million users interacting on its platform daily, Snapchat has now become the new place to be for teenagers and social media buffs. It concentrates on snaps being sent to one another and it is recorded that over 5 million snapshots are shared each day among users.

What is the dark mode and why to use it?

Most of you might have wondered about the recent buzz around this dark mode for a Snapchat feature. The reason behind several applications adapting to this dark mode is that there are right lot of scientifically proven experiments that prove that the blue light emitted by the screen of your smartphones and laptop is harmful to the human eye. During this age and time, we require spending a lot of time with our smartphones and laptops for our daily work and entertainment. This blue light is not affecting your cornea which in turn will cause your brain to be confused between day and night, which in turn will disturb your sleep cycle and overall health accordingly. Keeping this in mind dark mode was introduced.

Dark mode normally uses Black Or shades of black which will eliminate the use of white green or blue light that is being emitted at this temperature. Night mode will now help you to look into your smartphones and your computer screen for a longer period of time not picture the sleep cycle even during nighttime.

This will enable the brain to understand between day and night and reduce the disturbances in the sleep cycle. Saving of battery is also one of the advantages of using dark mode; the effect is mostly seen on wallet screens as the power consumption writing of the whole screen because of the black and dark shades reduces drastically, saving a lot of battery. These benefits such as less straining of your eyes, battery saving, and eye protection have encouraged users to ask for dark modes in the applications they are constantly using.

Dark mode for Snapchat

Even though Snapchat is the most sought-after application for youngsters, we find it weird that Snapchat has not yet rolled out a dark mode feature for its application. We believe that the dark mode feature is still in process and Snapchat will eventually have to provide its user base with a dark theme. Better late than never and as we want our readers to stay healthy and up to date we have come up with a process to have a dark mode for Snapchat even before the update comes.

How to activate Snapchat Dark mode in iPhone and iOS devices

In order to enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad, we will use the software called a nightmare. Nightmare is a user interface based iOS application that was released a few years ago and in order to use this on your iOS device, you need to jailbreak your device.
Note: Jailbreaking will lead to the lapse of your warranty; make sure that you really want to jailbreak your device before proceeding further.

There are several applications that are going to help you in jailbreaking your device, with you doing as little as typing a button that says jailbreak.

How to install nightmare

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone
  2. Install ifile in Cydia
  3. Download the necessary Nightmare package that is available online.
  4. Select the file and click on open after downloading it
  5. You will have to extract the nightmare package by clicking on the installer.
  6. After some time, the nightmare is successfully installed on your iPhone.
  7. Restart your device for the changes to take effect

Note: Snapchat application usually detects jailbroken devices and stops working on them. The reason nightmare is picked up is because Nightmare can evade does Snapchat jailbreak detection. Or if you want to go the easy way and do not want to jailbreak your device there is another option for you. Read More

Follow the below-given steps so that you can enjoy Snapchat in dark mode

  1. Open Settings in your iOS device and click on general
  2. In general, settings, tap on accessibility.
  3. Head on to display accommodations and click on invert colours

By doing so, the iPhone will instantly change into dark colours. Please do not mistake it with the newly launched dark mode for iOS. This is a completely different setting, it might look very odd when compared with the dark mode of iOS.

Snapchat Dark mode on Android

  1. Open settings and head onto security
  2. In the security menu God on until you find unknown sources and enable it
  3. Download substratum app from the official website and install it
  4. Open the application and select the team that you want to use on your device
  5. Write the name of your device and then choose to change the app that you want to use in dark mode and then click uninstall

As far as Snapchat is concerned there are two modes in the substratum app namely black swift mode and Swift dark mode.

conclusion: We are pretty sure Snapchat is going to roll out this dark mode feature soon. But for the people who want to jump ahead on and use it first, you have gone through the process above. Doing it yourself is interesting and we are here to help you make it right. Go on and enjoy your dark mode in Snapchat and feel stress free about your health.

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