Top 5 Online DAT to MP4 Converters for Recommendation in 2020


Top 5 Online DAT to MP4 Converters for Recommendation in 2020


We are living in an era of technology; humans love to learn from others. Including entertainment learning and fun, humans approximately spend six hours, 45 minutes per week watching videos, an increase of one hour in the last year, and almost two and a half hours since 2016. There are various types of formats available for videos. The MP4 video format files entertain us with a good level of compression without compromising on video and sound quality, whereas the DAT file format that, their video, sound, and graphics quality are compromised, they are not easy to edit or update, and also they need big space as compare to MP4 format files. Simply quality matters, and for quality videos, one should go for MP4. We are going to discuss how to save your loving memories and favorite videos by converting them from DAT into MP4 formats.


Introduction of DAT format

DAT files are videos files saved on an optical disc; the DAT files are normally saved as MPEG-1* and MPEG-2* (Motion Picture Experts Group) format and contains video files. The optical disc was a VCD format for home usage on standard 120mm; it was capable of saving 800 MB data or 90 minutes of video. Sony, JVC, and Philips first introduced the format in 1993.

*The MPEG-1 codec at a standard bitrate with a resolution of 352×288 (PAL)


Best 5 DAT to MP4 converters online in 2020


  • Why I should convert a .DAT format into .MP4 format?

As we know that the MP4 format is good in file compression and does not lose video, graphic, and sound quality, which gives this format an appealing advantage. Overall, MP4 is a quite simple, good quality, and universal video format. MP4 is supported by almost all operating systems, including Apple devices.

So, in following brief research of the world’s 5 best DAT to MP4 converters, are waiting for you to explore them,


  • Introduction of Best 5 DAT to MP4 converters


  1. Apowersoft Free Online Video Converter (4.7 user review ratings)

The well-known DAT to MP4 converter is Apowersoft. It’s a plugin and it enables us to convert almost all video and audio files to all types of video or audio formats in a blink of an eye. An amazing feature will compel you to use it that one can export their videos onto a smartphone, TV, tablet, DVD player, etc. Some of the ideal features having the plugin, will magically edit, polish, trim, and give you chance, to enhance your video before conversion.  And it can most efficiently convert DAT format into MP4 format.


As concern about its Pros and Cons, they are

  • Pros:
    • Convert any video to 4K,
    • Convert and edit video at a very fast speed,
    • Support all types of video and audio file formats,
  • Cons:
    • Need to download the plugin and then convert,


  1. How to convert MP4 from DAT format through “Apowersoft”


  1. Download the Apowersoft plugin, Open the required file

2. Edit, trim, and select required format, d. Select the desire location,

3. Here you go!

2. AConvert (3.8 user review ratings)

A universal converter, an online service that not only converts videos but also documents, images, icons, eBooks, and Pdf.

These are their advantages and disadvantages,

  • Pros:
    • Easy to use,
    • Converts in best quality,
    • All formats available to convert (especially DAT into MP4 converts very well)
  • Cons:
  • Time taking online service,
  • After registration, you can able to access fully,


  1. How to convert DAT into MP4 format through “convert”
  2. Click on the URL, Click on videos

And here further by giving location you can easily convert your video by selecting your required format.


3. Online Convert (3.7 user review ratings)

The website is very lovely and easy to use. A best online converter ever found. A good platform for online converting and learning purposes. A trustable source where you can keep your secrecy hidden. A very responsive and responsible customer service. Quick, clean conversion of DAT file to MP4 video, you’ll love the converting of our DAT formats files into MP4.

Let’s read what they got!

  • Pros:
  • Easy to use,
  • Quality and speedy output,
  • It also supports editing and trimming,
  • Cons:
  • Only 24 hours free but for single file conversion,
  • Paid website,


  1. How to convert DAT into MP4 format through “Online Convert”

Very easy to use, click here on the URL of ‘Online Convert’, and click on the video conversion option, upload your video, then select your required format and finally hit the convert button to get your conversion.

  1. Online Converter (3.6 user review ratings)

The best choice for Apple users but also works on all operating systems, it’s amusing with a very simple interface but having all the formats which you even have not thought of yet.

A good but little messy service,

  • Pros:
  • Very simple and easy to use,
  • Almost having all formats for conversion,
  • Especially recommended for DAT to MP4 conversions,
  • Cons:
  • Ads are here to disturb you,
  • Take a lot of time to convert,
  • Connecting issues,


  1. How to convert DAT into MP4 format through “Online Convert”

An online service with a very simple interface, click here on the URL of ‘Online Convert’, and click on the video conversion option, upload your video, then select your required format and at last hit the convert button to get your conversion.


5. Ezgif (Animated Gif Made Easy) (2.9 user review ratings)

An online hidden treasure for GIF maker. Ezgif is easy and very safe for people who want to make an urgent GIF. If you looking for a great GIF maker Ezgif is what you should try. People use it to create, convert, and edit animated PNG (APNG) images. A loving online service for free conversions.

A free but a little tricky for users,

  • Pros:
  • Easy to use,
  • Trim and Editing option,
  • 100% free
  • Cons
  • Server speed problems,
  • Sometimes hangs during processing,
  • Cookies


  1. How to convert DAT into MP4 format through “Ezgif”

Online service of GIF creator, click here on the URL of Ezgif, and click on the video to GIF conversion option, upload your video, then select your required format and at last hit the convert button to get your conversion.



The Best Alternative to Online DAT to MP4 Converter In 2020

Now the most important and useful online converter among all the converter in the worlds 2020 is Wondershare UniConverter,



Wondershare UniConverter is a single door online workshop for your all type of video conversion needs. It can deal with thousands of files in a fraction of a second. It favors you all types of formats of video file formats, including the 4K-capable codecs like H.265, as well as HD and legacy codec formats. It also converts a simple video into virtual reality headsets and mobile devices. The experience of editing and trimming will not let you go to any other forum. It’ll simplify your work dramatically. People loved such type of platform to enhance their creativity. Time value and an ideal platform are here for you. It’ll work both on Windows and Mac versions. This software is 100% safe to use. The initial installer program passes scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes AntiMalware.

Luckily all media conversion needs with the ability to convert video, audio, and images into hundreds of thousands of formats, including DAT, MP4, MKV, MP3, FLAC, JPG, PNG, extract and rip media from physical (CD and DVD) and online sources, and even burn media to removable discs. The best online platform for converting DAT into MP4 format files.


  • Easiest Interface with customer-friendly features,
  • Transfer media files to other devices,
  • Trimming, editing, clipping, and much more,
  • Virtual reality, 3D, 4K,
  • 150+ Video formats supporting,
  • Video Hosting Site Downloading
  • A speedy and quality work output platform,
  • Professionals first choice,
  • Burn videos to DVD for sharing,
  • A very big package in the minimum amount, (True value of money),




The beautiful interface will attract you to enhance your creativity,

In a very professional and dynamic way, assist you to meet your requirements.


Trimming and editing magically,

 By using the software, you can add effects, crop the frame of videos, add subtitles, and control the audio.

 It also supports the user of adding clips from live streaming,


The controls will drive to a new level of madness!

Virtual Reality Converter with full assistance.


For professionals and beginners in need of a smart, reliable, and efficient video converter that can handle 150+ video type file formats, Wondershare UniConverter is money worthy. It’s pretty easy to use, it’ll assist in the processing of 4K, 3D, and VR video content, but it has very simple operating features and options. One will enjoy the built-in to make adjustments during the conversion process.

Although it’s much better from its costly competitors also it’s developers tested well enough as per preventive measures. Buying once also gives you, lifetime updates of the software.

A 100% recommendation by the professionals, with a rating of 5 stars and also it is in the top 5 Editing and Converting software. A must buy software for your conversion of video formats, especially for the DAT into MP4 formats.



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