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How to choose the ideal Shutter?

The Shutter left the corporate environments and gained more welcoming versions to inhabit our homes. Apart from being practical, they are a good option for allergy sufferers as they collect less dust than fabric curtains. Of varied prices and models, there are options for all tastes, such as vertical, horizontal, roller, Roman, etc. There are also various materials, such as PVC, wood and even bamboo.

If you do not want to invest a lot of money in a blind, you can buy a standard model, but if your window is larger, that is, it exceeds the standard size or if you want something more personalized, you can request one made to measure.

But, among so many options, how to choose the ideal model? The best choice can be in Australia that offer us Shutter Systems Wholesale Shutters. Further more we show you what you need to take into account when choosing yours.

Think about the purpose: is the idea just to decorate, completely darken the environment, have privacy or control the light? Each type of blind serves a different purpose. Therefore, first of all, evaluate the needs of the space.

Installation: drywall or wood walls may not withstand the installation of heavy Shutter. You must be attentive to this detail when choosing the material of yours!

Measurements: If the installation is invisibly, the curtain must be the same size of the opening for installation. But, if it exceeds the limits of the window, it is recommended to advance 10 cm for each side (the same measurement is valid for up and down). On the length, large doors and windows call for long Shutter. In small windows, the long ones work well.

Light control: if the space receives a lot of sun and you need to protect the furniture during certain hours of the day, opt for a low light model, such as blackout or roller. Vertical Shutter, which can be made of PVC or fabric, are also indicated for this purpose.

Operate in one click: all Shutter can be motorized and operated by a remote control or switch. The motor is installed on the upper rail of the curtain. This convenience comes at a price, but the investment is worth it when it comes to large, tall windows.

 Know the material:

Aluminum: traditional in horizontal Shutter. It is available in many colors, which adapt to the most diverse styles. In addition, it can be easily cleaned, being ideal for kitchens, for example.

Wood: indicated for horizontal Shutter, guaranteeing a welcoming appearance to the environments. They are incredible in living rooms and bedrooms, since, once closed, they seal the light well.

Bamboo: sustainable material ideal for a more bohemian decoration, leaving an oriental or hippie impression in the environment. Imagine how cool to have bamboo curtains in a beach house, for example.

Fabrics: synthetics guarantee durability to the Shutter. Natural ones, such as linen and cotton, suffer more from the sun’s rays, but have a greater variety of colors and textures.

Solar fabric: ideal for roller Shutter, they can be blackout or translucent. Good option for balconies because they resist well to the solar rays.

 Meet the models:

Roman: they are structured fabric modules with rods that are gathered in folds and form a volume at the top. Suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, these Shutter need at least 40 cm between the window and the ceiling.

Roller: the fabric is collected upwards and leaves the view to the outside completely free. Very used in balconies, with solar fabric, but they can also be installed in other environments such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and office, which makes it a very versatile model.

Horizontal: ideal for loggias and social environments (the vertical ones are reserved for offices, okay?) Because they facilitate the control of the luminosity with the opening and closing of the slats

Of fabric: these Shutter made of fabric, generally available in white, mix sophistication and functionality. Formed by horizontal sheets, between two transparent fabrics, they are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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